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Mary Fitt Biography - In Her Own Words !

A Brief Summary of Mary Fitt by … Mary Fitt !

Asked for a biography, Mary Fict says :

‘ It Is, I think, the writer of fiction who is of interest to the public, not the person of whom the writer is a part. Therefore 1 do not propose co give details of where I was born, where educated, and so forth. In my character as Author, I was born some years later than Myself, in that part of the world which lies between classical Greece and Elizabethan England.

‘ In the present, the Author and I have Identical Interests. We live in the country, in what a friend recently described as ” your Italian blue house.” It is not Italian, but it Is blue —sky-blue. Our hobbies are — our hobby is - people, their pleasant or queer or sinister possibilities ; for we have noticed that Character really is Destiny.

‘ Such a hobby involves travelling ; so we travel, but not as Author : people see authors coming and they ” talk script ” ; we like to see and hear them as they are off the sec. because what they then say and do Is new.
‘ My interests range over time and space.

My greatest regret Is that one day I too shall have to pack up and leave this caravanserai, which tl so mad, so bad, and so wonderful.’

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