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Laurence Meynell Books A Sample and Some for Sale

Laurence Meynell is an author well-regarded by both book collectors and readers of mystery fiction.

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The Synopsis of the Excellent Mystery More Deadly than the Male

Charles Wilson, a young barrister, was on the high-road to success and fame. Superbly able at his j’ob, married to the daughter of an influential backwoods peer, he seemed set for the great rewards of this world. Perhaps something was lacking in his marriage—but who could complain about a wife so beautiful and elegant, so influential and ambitious for her husband?

Charles went to Sellings Gambling Club in the course of his work— ‘to have a view’ as lawyers say. At Sellings he met Bay Kellington. Within hours he fell victim to a fatal obsession; and became irrevocably committed to condoning a crime.
This story tells what became of Charles Wilson.

It describes in detail the world he lives in, a high and brassy life in London to-day, where men fight cynically and ruthlessly for position and money. In Charles Wilson’s world M.P.s, press barons, Q.C.s, gamblers, stockbrokers, journalists and jockeys jostle relentlessly for gain: death is regarded casually, he who falters is fast forgotten.

Laurence Meynell’s new and moving novel is a tragedy, firmly rooted in character and circumstance. It describes convincingly and with perfect irony the destiny of a contemporary man.

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