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John Ferguson Books - Biography

John Ferguson was of Scottish descent and lived in various places before moving South to Lymington.
He was born in 1873 and the author’s middle name was Alexander. He wrote 11 mystery novels and also some plays we believe including at least one of note, Campbell of Kilmohr.

His main series character from his crime fiction novels was Francis MacNab and, sadly, that’s all we know about this writer.
If you have any other information pleas do get in touch as we would very much like to remedy this situation.

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The synopsis of his 1931 novel Death Comes to Perigord published by Collns Crime Club

When young Doctor Peter Dunn first saw Mere Trouteaud raise the ‘clameur’ (as the islanders called it) in the market place, he little thought that this incident would be a link in a chain of events that meant murder. He had come out as a locum tospend a few months on this small Channel Island, and was just beginning to think that nothing ever happened in this placid community when the affair of the ship’s figurehead - and all its peculiar consequences - had led Mere Trouteaud to assert the ancient right of the island’s citizens to call publicly upon their Sovereign to see that justice should be done against old dc Quettville who, she alleged, had wronged her. The trouble was that de Quettville now mysteriously disappeared, and it was feared that either he would do himself harm, or would harm someone else. When eventually he was discovered the diagnoses of young Dunn and another local practitioner differed, and so Dunn asked his friend Detective McNab to clear up the muddle - which he did with startling results.

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