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John Dickson Carr Autobiography ~ Information

John Dickson Carr ~ Some Information in the Authors Own Words

John Dickson Carr says: ‘Of Scottish descent, I was born in America in 1906. They sent me to school and university with the idea of turning me into a barrister like my father. But I wanted to write detective stories. I don’t mean that I wanted to write great novels, or any nonsense like that! I mean that I simply damn well wanted to write detective stories, And still do.

‘When I was 21, I went to Paris to study: this probably being the only thing in Paris I did not do. Thus began a series of wanderings, and writings, the wanderings of which did not end until I married an English girl in 1931. Since then I have written between forty and fifty novels, under two names; some short stories; and a vast number of radio plays, under the slight difficulty that during the blitz our house was twice demolished while we were inside it. For the last two years of the war I worked for the BBC creating a weekly terror-play called Appointment with Fear.
‘My ambition is still to write a really outstanding detective novel, which I honestly do not believe I have yet achieved. When a writer says this, what he really means is that he wants to write one which wiil make all other detective novels look silly. Of course you can’t do it. But you can always keep on trying.’
Mr Carr, who has three children, lives in London.

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