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Laurence Meynell Books A Sample and Some for Sale

Laurence Meynell is an author well-regarded by both book collectors and readers of mystery fiction.
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Simenon - Biography Information About the Creator of Maigret

Information About Georges Simenon

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Simenon was born at Liege in 1903. At 16 he wrote his first novel and began work as a journalist on the Gazette de Liege; and by the age of 29 he had published a very large number of novels- 150, according to one French newspaper, and 200, 250 or 277 according to others.

At this stage he decided to improve the quality of his writing, and since then, beginning with the famous Inspector Maigret series, fie has published over fifty novels. His work has been admired by almost all the leading French and English critics, and has been translated into twenty languages; its influence on the French film has been considerable, and the Maigret series, with Harry Baur as the Inspector, was popular in France before the war.

Temptation Harbour is a recent British film based on his story, Newhoven-Dieppe, and the new American film. The Man on the Eiffet Tower, is based on A Battle of Nerves. Simenon has travelled all over the world, and at one time lived on a cutter, with his wife as second-in-command, making long journeys of exploration round the coasts of northern Europe. After the war he acquired American citizenship; and at present he is living in Tucson, Arizona.

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Welcome to the Site

Welcome to our new forum for readers and collectors of crime and mystery books

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