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WJ Burley

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Crime - Mystery Books
A Taste of Power 1966
Three Toed Pussy 1968
Death in Willow Pattern 1969
To Kill a Cat 1970
Guilt Edged 1972
Death in a Salubrious Place 1973
Death in Stanley Street 1974
Wycliffe and the Pea Green Boat 1975
Wycliffe and the Schoolgirls 1976
The Schoolmaster 1977
Wycliffe and the Scapegoat 1978
Charles and Elizabeth 1979
Wycliffe in Paul's Court 1980
The House of Care 1981
Wycliffe's Wild Goose Chase 1982
Wycliffe and the Beales 1983
Wycliffe and the Four Jacks 1985
Wycliffe and the Quiet Virgin 1986
Wycliffe and the Winsor Blue 1987
Wycliffe and the Tangled Web 1988
Wycliffe and the Cycle of Death 1990
Wycliffe and the dead Flautist 1991
Wycliffe and the Last Rites 1992
Wycliffe and the Dunes 1993
All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
WJ Burley, William John, was highly esteemed amongst collectors and readers that know of his work but remained woefully unappreciated by the public. His work did achieve a wider audience when it was brought to the small screen in a television series. Most of the novels feature Wycliffe, as did the TV shows, and benefit from solid plotting and good characters. All the books appeared in England first and making a pleasant change the titles all remained the same when issued in the USA.

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