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William Murray

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I'm Getting Killed Right Here - William Murray
1991 American hardcover stated 1st edition, Perfect Crime, New York
A fine book in fine unclipped dust jacket
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc
Tightly bound and square, clean contents and cloth
The jacket has no loss or tears
The authors series character is back, Shifty Lou Anderson, great mysteries for anyone interested in horse racing and magic
A lovely copy
For Sale at £SOLD(approx $SOLD) *B4 - free delivery worldwide !

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and me to become part-owners of your horse, Mr. Anderson. Mr. Gantry has told us what a nice filly she is." "Well, you know, I guess she is," I babbled, feeling suddenly as if somebody had stuffed pebbles under my tongue. "I'm . . . I'm . . . that is, I need — well, I guess Charlie here explained it to you." "Yes, he did," she said. "I suppose it's difficult in your profession, having to do so much traveling and all. I mean, being able to do as well as you've been doing and still be able to manage your racing interests. I quite understand. As for Michael and me, well, I just love horses. I grew up around them and now that we've moved out here Michael wants to get involved." She paused, as if not certain that she had explained it quite correctly. "I guess what I mean is, Michael wants me to become involved. He's . . . he's pretty busy and he's away a lot." She smiled briefly, then tossed her head slightly and gazed out over the infield, where part of the arriving crowd for the last day of the meet was milling about the refreshment stands, studying programs, tout sheets, and racing forms, spreading blankets and unpacking coolers and picnic baskets in the warm April sunlight. It was a pleasant enough scene, but I didn't think it had really caught her interest all that much. I had the feeling that something had been left unsaid or still needed to be explained and that it hung in the air around her like a small, faintly toxic haze. When she turned back to me, she flashed that wonderful smile again, but it didn't seem quite as genuine as before. I had the odd feeling that there was music playing somewhere that was audible only to her and that I might not have enjoyed the sound of it. "I guess maybe we should wait until Michael gets here," she said. "I don't know where he could be. He said he'd be right back." "I have to see another fella about some horses," Charlie said. "I'll be inside, Shifty, probably around the bar, in case you need me. But I guess you and Mrs. Cameron can get along

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