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Cleopatra Gold - William J Caunitz
1993 British hardcover first edition, first impression. Headline in London
A VG++ book in VG++ unclipped dustwrapper
Free from previous owner names etc, clean and tight, usual Headline paper tanning
The dust cover has no loss or tears, minor rubs to extremities
Another stunning thriller from the author of One Police Plaza and Exceptional Clearance... Alejandro Monahan is the son of the late Eammon Monahan and his Mexican-Indian wife. Brought up in a quiet Mexican seaside town, the young Alejandro saw his father and a local dignitary shot to pieces while playing dominoes in a cafe.
A solid copy and not a common title

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Environment, the latest trendy club favored by the city's leisure class, was located on Twenty-second Street in the Chelsea district inside a nineteenth-century building that had formerly served as a cloth factory's warehouse. When Seaver arrived a little after midnight, a line of people snaked around into Fifth Avenue waiting to get in, even this early in the evening. Directly across from Environment, a sanitation truck was half up on the sidewalk making a pickup, its compactor groaning as the sanitation man beat a mangled refuse can across its lip before tossing the can onto the sidewalk, strewing bits of garbage across the street. A homeless woman squatted between parked cars, relieving herself, heedless of the catcalls coming from some of the people across the street. Up the street, a car alarm wailed. Walking toward the four bouncer types funneling the *beautiful people' through the iron gate, Andy Seaver lit up a stubby Italian cigar and decided to go over to the meanest-looking one. He slipped a ten into the goon's hand, confiding, I'm looking for my daughter. She's only fourteen. Mind if I duck inside for a minute and look around?' The doorman's paw gobbled up the ten, and a small nod of his oversize head motioned Seaver through the gate. Inside, Seaver joined the end of a line waiting to pass through the metal detector.


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