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Valerie Kershaw

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Head Wounds - Valerie Kershaw
2000 English hardcover first edition first impression, Constable Crime
A near fine book in near fine unclipped dustwrapper
An unused book direct from publisher but slight bumps to spine corners
Otherwise as new condition and delievered to your door for less than half original price !
The wrapper is free from losss or tears
A well reviewed Mitch Mitchell mystery, very entertaining and worth a go if you like your female detectives
Mitch Mitchell has just been told that Radio Brum ate dropping her programme for the summer. Her dream home, a chapel conversion, is proving disastrously expensive and Mitchell and Orient, the detective agency she co-owns, is making a thumping loss. So it seems like good news when celebrity cook Sissy Childe asks her to find her half sister Rosie who has gone missing.

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Brief Sample
When did he start?' Mitch Mitchell was anxiously looking at Tommy Hung's closed office door. 'God, how I hate figures. I hate my fleshly figure. I really loathe my bum. And I hate figures that are supposed to add up and make a profit and never do.' She'd known as soon as she'd woken up that this was going to be a bad day which was why she was wearing scarlet. Black was for good days only. 'You're not usually a pessimist/ said A.J., who was sorting through Mitchell and Orient's post. We may be having a bit of a lull now but we've been really busy. Look!' She was pulling a cheque out of an envelope. 'Isn't that just gorgeous!' She bent a dark head, her pony tail splaying over the shoulder of her white shirt as she kissed it. 'Who said detective agencies never made money?' Tommy. And he's the only one who's been keeping the remotest eye on the pennies. If it turns out we're just about breaking even ... well, thaf s not bad is it? For the first year in business?'

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