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Tony Fennelly

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The Glory Hole Murders - Tony Fennelly
1986 UK paperback first edition, Arlington, London
A near fine copy in softcover wrappers
No inscriptions or stamps etc
Tight and square
Larger format, looks like a paperback original, though is not
A popular and successful businessman is found murdered in circumstances that will come as a surprise to many, especially his family. The police are stumped so enlist the help of Matty Sinclair, a gay ex-policeman. A highly reviewed and sophisticated mystery novel
A clean attractive copy
For Sale at 6 (approx $10) *b15 - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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I don't consider myself part of New Orleans's gay subculture. I ceased to patronize the hangouts and bathhouses somewhere between herpes and AIDS. And of late, I've deemed it prudent to limit my physical expressions to a single partner. And to watch him like a hawk. Of course, I'm gay. Unabashedly so. But heaven knows that isn't the sum total of my identity. So when some closet queen turns up seriously dead with his d*** pinned through a hole in a toilet wall, I can hardly identify with his problem. My name is Matthew Arthur Sinclair. Matty to my friends. I don't, never did, have a drag name. I'm thirty-seven years old at this writing, but still have all my hair. And I keep my bod in decent (if not stunning) condition with three sessions a week of self-torture on Nautilus equipment. I wouldn't be mistaken for Conan the Barbarian in a dry sauna. But I am what's called attractive. Especially to women (which is a damned nuisance sometimes), though I can hold my own with men, too. So successfully, in fact, that I seldom have needed to hold my own.

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