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Susanna Jones

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The Earthquake Bird - SIGNED - Susanna Jones
2001 UK hardcover 1st edition, 1st impression, Picador, London
A fine unread book in fine unclipped dust jacket
Signed on the title page by the author
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc
Tightly bound and square, clean contents and cloth
The jacket has no loss or tears
A fabulous murder mystery set in Japan, the main suspect seems to be further in the frame the more she reveals of her past. A debut novel and a great read, could well be one for the future
A superb as new copy and a great debut novel
For Sale at 15 (approx $30) *B4 + DF5 - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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I understood. A tinny voice croaked in the wind from far away. I sat up in the dark, shivering. Since Lily's death and Teiji's disappearance, I have become nervous about many things. I pulled the wardrobe door open and crept beneath the clattering coat hangers. I put on my cycling helmet, reached for the torch that I keep taped to the wall, and crouched in the corner. I shone the light around to check that my whistle and bottle of earthquake water were with me. They were. A cockroach ran across my bare leg and settled on the floor, beside me. 'Go away,' I whispered. 'Get out. Do you hear me? I don't want you here.' The cockroach's black feelers shifted slightly in my direction. Then it shimmered away and disappeared through an invisible crack in the wall. It was some moments before I realized that the cupboard was still. The earthquake had stopped. The night was quiet. I crawled back into the warmth of my futon but couldn't sleep. I knew now I was not alone in my flat. I pulled my pillow under my face and curled up on my side. I have many tricks to deal with the problems of ghosts and insomnia. One of them is to test my Japanese. I took the word for earthquake, jishin, and tried to think of words with the same pronunciation but different characters. Putting together ;', meaning self, and shin, which means trust, produces confidence. With other written characters an earthquake can become an hour hand, a magnetic needle,

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