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Susanna Gregory

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The Westminster Poisoner - SIGNED - Susanna Gregory
2008 UK hardback first edition, first impression published by Sphere in London
Signed on the title page by the author
A fine unread book in fine unclipped dust jacket
No names or stamps etc
The wrapper has no loss or tears, clean and bright

When he arrived, Lincoln's Inn was still mostly in darkness, although lamps gleamed in the occasional room, showing its lawyer-occupant was already hard at work. White Hall had put Chaloner in a sullen mood, and he did not feel like exchanging pleasantries with the porter at the gate, so he walked to the back of the building and scrambled over a wall. His temper was not improved when he misjudged the drop and jarred his bad leg

A superb copy of a Thomas Chaloner medieval mystery
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A deadly Brew - Susanna Gregory
1998 UK hardback first edition, first impression, Little Brown, London
A fine unread book in fine unclipped dust wrapper
A superb copy and the 4th Matthew Bartholomew medieval mystery
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Threadneedle Street, London, October 1660 Henry Scobel, Clerk of the House of Lords, was dying. His physician had confidently informed him that he was afflicted with a 'sharpness of the blood', a painful ailment from which few recovered. Scobel had always lived a clean, decent and sober life, and had no idea why his blood should so suddenly have become sharp, but he was unwilling to waste his last hours pondering on it. He was a religious man, and if God had decided it was time for him to die, then who was he to argue? And, if the truth be told, he no longer had much appetite for life, anyway — he had liked England under Cromwell, but detested it under the newly restored Charles II. The King and his Court had only been installed for a few months, but already they were showing themselves to be corrupt, debauched and treacherous. Scobel was appalled by them, and deplored the notion of such men ruling his country. 'You will be better soon, uncle,' said Will Symons, trying to control the tremor in his voice. He loved his kinsman dearly, and hated to see him suffering. '

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Brief Biography
Susanna Gregory is the pseudonym of Elizabeth Cruwys, a Cambridge academic who was previously a coroner's officer.
Her main series character is Matthew Bartholomew a medical teacher in the 14th century. She also has a very popular series featuring Thomas Chaloner

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