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Susan Morrow

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Murder May Follow - Susan Morrow
1960 British hardback first edition, 1st impression published in London by Collins Crime Club
A book in very good condition complete with unclipped dust jacket
The book has no names, inscriptions or stamps
Tight binding and straight spine, some scattered tanning
The wrapper is priced 10/6 as called for, light edge wear, some light scattered tanning to rear
A stalker watches an attractive woman, the subsequent investigation puts her in even greater danger

A rare book in jacket with wonderful Randell artwork
For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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Murder May Follow - Susan Morrow
1960 UK hardcover first edition, 1st impression, Collins Crime Club, London
A VG book unfortunately no longer with its dust jacket
Neat name but no inscriptions or stamps
Tight and square
Lieutenant Condon looks into a case involving somebody foillowing a beautiful woman, little did Seth know that his investigation would put her in greater danger
A solid reading copy and the authors first book
For Sale at £10 *10 - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check
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SHE WAS QUITE SURE that she had eluded her pursuer, but still she left the cab two blocks from her destination. Walking, she could tell for sure whether he still followed her; these last days of having him always behind her had created a new instinct, a sort of antenna which reached out to sense him, so that she could tell without turning her head, without seeing the pudgy brown figure. Such an unlikely figure to cause so much fear! Not one she had ever seen before; she had no name for the undistinguished little man. Sometimes for a wild moment she thought she would simply turn in her tracks and wait for him to come up to her, and then say, " What's your name, and why are you following me? " But he would not come up to her, of course. He would melt into a straggle of unconcerned strollers on the street, or turn into a convenient bar, or dawdle over a newspaper. And certainly if she accosted him, he would look bland and surprised and innocent. How she knew that was immaterial; she did know it. His namelessness had become an obsession with her. Absurd to think she would feel better if she knew his name. That wouldn't, after all, tell why he followed her. There had to be a reason for such persistent attention. If she could only think of a reason she would feel better, even without knowing his name. If she could think of a reason, that would lead her to his name, almost certainly.

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