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Rufus King

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Murder Masks Miami - Rufus King
1939 UK hardback first edition, first impression, Methuen, London
A VG indeed book in 1st issue 7/6 unclipped dustwrapper
The book has no names or inscriptions etc
Tight and square, ssome page tanning
The jacket shows light chippin around spine and a couple of short closed teras
A very rare book in UK edition, we have never seen a copy in jacket before
For Sale at £SOLD (approx $SOLD) * - free delivery worldwide !

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A Women is Dead - Rufus King
1929 UK hardback first edition, first impression, Hall, London
A VG indeed book sadly without dust wrapper
Some fading to boards
Clean contents and a scarce title
For Sale at £SOLD (approx $SOLD) * - free delivery worldwide !
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Brief Biography
KING, Rufus (Frederick). American. Born in New York City, 3 January 1893. Educated at Dodsworth School; Yale University, New Haven. Connecticut. Served in the United States Army Cavalry on the Mexican border and in the Field Artillery in France during World War I: First Lieutenant; conspicuous service cross. Wireless operator in the Merchant Marine, and traveled in South America before beginning to write: created the detective Reginald De Puyster in magazine stories in the 1920's. Died in 1966.

Rufus King - The Characters
Reginald De Puyster
Perhaps the wealthiest of all detectives, Reggie De Puyster inherited more than twenty million dollars from his father, old Warring De Puyster, "the bearcat of Wall Street." Reggie is a dandy: immaculately tailored, trim, elegant. He is also bright, witty, articulate. He is not, however, a detective who depends exclusively on his brains to solve a case. A superb athlete, well-muscled, with a devastating punch in either fist, he has been known to end a case with a hard left hook to the villain's jaw. Though generally he works as an amateur, Reggie has a connection with the O'Day Detective Agency on tower Broadway.

Dr Colin Starr
Young Colin Starr of Laurel Falls, Ohio, has inherited his father's small-town medical practice. A gentle, kindly doctor, Colin has "a heart as big as Lincoln's," and his strong, homely features have a therapeutic effect on his patients. His electric vitality and charisma combine with profound medical knowledge and sharp deductive reasoning ability to make him a successful doctor and a fine detective. In a case where most doctors would sign a certificate of death from natural causes, Starr detects murder.

Lieutenant Valcour
Later promoted to Inspector, it is as a Lieutenant of Detectives, New York Police Department, that we meet Valcour. His father was a policeman also. Valcour, a graduate of Toronto's McGill University, is Canadian born; he became a naturalized United States citizen in 1904, and soon embarked on a successful police career. Lieutenant Valcour is a mild man with homely, but not undistinguished, features. He is friendly, has a sense of humor which can be earthy or subtle, is courteous, intelligent, and {despite his age) physically rugged. He rarely indulges himself though he does smoke cigarettes with imported Turkish tobacco and he will accept a fine cigar or a bacardi cocktail. Valcour's usual hunting grounds are Manhattan's wealthy East Side and Long Island.


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