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Roland Daniel

Classic Murder Mystery Books for Sale

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Evil Eyes - Roland Daniel
1942 UK hardback first edition, first impression published in London by Wright & Brown
A Vevy Good book in Very Good 7/6 unclipped dust jacket
There are no names or stamps in the book, light age tan but still clean and solid
The wrapper has some shallow wear to spine ends and a 'dusty' rear white panel
Stunning artwork by one of my favourute dustwrapper artists G.P. Micklewright

Crystal had her skirt pulled up right above her thighs, she was fumbling to release a small automatic which was kept in position there by an elastic band. Buddy jumped sideways through the door, slamming it to as he did so. The next second there was a report and a bullet crashed through the panelling of the door. Buddy edged himself against the wall and waited. He heard the footsteps of Crystal as she ran for the door and flung it open and sprang after him into the hall. That action was her undoing. As she appeared through the opening of the doorway Buddy grabbed hold of the wrist which held the automatic and gave it a vicious twist. Uttering a cry of pain Crystal dropped the gun to the floor.
Swinging Crystal round, Buddy lifted her clean off her feet, then threw her face downwards on top of a table which stood in the hall. He then proceeded to lift up her skirt and give her a thorough good whacking on the place where she had probably been smacked many times when a child. Crystal yelled blue murder during the operation, but Buddy only grinned as he applied an extra two heavy blows just for luck.
"I guess if your father had administered enough of these whackings when you were a kid you might possibly have grown into a better girl, and now have been leading a respectable life instead of that of a cheap gangster moll," he said, as leaving her hanging face down on the table he reached for his hat and coat and left the flat. Buddy reached home half-an-hour later. He felt that his evening had not exactly been wasted. After helping himself to a stiff whisky and soda,

A 1942 thicker format book, 1.25 inch spine, a nice solid copy and very rare in jacket - never seen another !
For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (approx $SOLD) - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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Mrs Graystone Murdered - Roland Daniel
1947 British hardback 1st edition, 1st impression published by Wright & Brown in London
A VG+ in dust jacket
A nice book, bright boards and text block, no owner names etc
Nice tight binding and square spine
The jacket has some edge chipping but is still clean and bright
Outstanding cover artwork by Micklewright

A ring on the telephone bell, a woman's voice asking, "Is that the Baxter Detective Agency?" When told it was, she said her name was Mrs. Graystone, and that she lived at The Nest- then a short silence, followed by a cry of terror from the worn™ and the sound of a shot.
That was Noel Baxter's introduction to the murder of the old lady who lived at The" Nest in Little Mailing. Who desired the death of Mrs. Graystone? Could it possibly be one of her two nieces who lived close by or was it Basil GraimiTi who had one of the girls in his clutches? Giles the tarm-hand had not told tne police all he knew. He had not toici cf the birds which flew up from the bush which stood clnse by the window of the room in which the old lady was shot. Something had disturbed those birds—What?

I've never handled this title in jacket before !
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MR. ALFRED LAGEY, late Chief-Detective-Inspector Lacey, of the Criminal Investigation Department, New Scotland Yard, stood looking out of the window of one of the offices of the Noel Baxter Private Detective Agency. He was idly watching the traffic pass up and down Piccadilly. Lacey was a big man, not bad-looking, his iron-grey moustache and hair showed him to be a man getting on in years; he had, as a matter of fact, just turned fifty and had retired from the police force after having completed thirty-two years of service. One day, about nine months after his retirement, he had seen an advertisement in The Daily Telegraph stating the Noel Baxter Private Detective Agency required the services of an ex-Inspector of Police. Thinking the job might suit him and having become thoroughly bored with loafing around, he answered the advertisement and received a reply—to call on Mr. Noel Baxter. Before answering the advertisement he had made a few inquiries and had learned the Baxter Private Detective Agency was a firs

top class firm who did a big business with some of the big Insurance Companies and specialized in confidential work for a number of exceedingly wealthy clients. The moment he set eyes on Noel Baxter he had decided he liked the man, though he had to admit Baxter was not just what he had expected him to be. Nearly as big and powerful-looking as he was himself, Noel Baxter could easily have been described as a handsome-looking dandy. His clothes, built by an exclusive West End tailor, fitted him like a glove; his silk shirts and ties were specially made for him. For his age, which Lacey later learned was thirty-five, Noel Baxter had crowded in a deal of adventure. Before he had set up for himself in London he had worked for a well-known New York Agency, also another in Paris; he numbered amongst his acquaintances some of the best-known crooks


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