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Rex Burns

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Speak for the Dead - Rex Burns
1980 UK hardback first edition, 1st impression, Robert Hale, London
A near fine book in VG++ unclipped dust jacket
No names, inscriptions or stamps
Tightly bound and square with clean contents and cloth
The dustwrapper has light rubs
Gabriel Wagner has just changed jobs with the Denver police, he moved from the narcotics dept to homicide branch and starts with a gruesome find

A scarce UK edition
For Sale at £10 (approx $17) *df4 - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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Gabriel Wager was new to the homicide section of the Denver Police Department, and the partner who was to break him in had been sent to a three-week police seminar at Oklahoma State. "We send people whenever we have the money, Wager; if we don't, we lose the opportunity." Chief Doyle's lower teeth shone briefly in what might have been a smile. The detectives called him "the bulldog" behind his back. "You've had a lot of experience over in narcotics, and you'll do all right here. If you meet deadlines, and if you follow proper procedures. We compete for funds with forty other agencies, and I don't want any black eyes for my section." The deadlines were court orders interpreting Constitutional rights: seventy-two hours from arrest to advisement, one week from advisement to second appearance, preliminary within thirty days, and so on. Wager was a little peeved that Doyle didn't credit him with knowing basics. The crack about procedures was another thing; it was the unease a conventional cop always felt toward a narc agent, ex- or otherwise. To make sure Wager would do all right, especially without a partner, the bulldog had assigned him to the midnight-to-eight shift—usually the quietest of the three. However, two days later, on Wednesday morning, October 20th, a known-dead report came in at 7; 10. When Wager took it, he guessed Doyle would

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