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Raymond Chandler

Bibliography & History

Bibliography - Checklist
Crime - Mystery Novels
The Big Sleep 1939
Farewell, My Lovely 1940
The High Window 1943
The Lady in the Lake 1944
The Little Sister 1949
The Long Goodbye 1953
Playback 1958
Poodle Springs 1962

Story Collections
Five Murderers 1944
Five Sinister Characters 1945
Finger Man 1946
The Simple Art of Murder 1950
Killer in the Rain 1964
The Smell of Fear 1965

The Blue Dahlia 1976
Raymond Chandler's Unknown Thriller 1985
All dates and tiles are for the UK first edition

Further Information
Raymond Chandler is regarded by most as one of America's finest mystery writer. A reputation richly deserved despite the meagre output of only seven novels . There are acres of print which go into far greater depth than we are able to  here. Suffice is to say that Raymond Chandler and his character, Philip Marlowe, remain amongst the most important names in the hard boiled genre. Most of the short stories made their appearance first in the legendary pulp magazines such as Black Mask. The US editions precede except for The Little Sister, The Long Goodbye and Playback.

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