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Queens Quorum

Selected by Ellery Queen

Author Title Date
Edgar Allan Poe  Tales 1854
Waters Recollections of a Detective Police 1856
Wilkie Collins  The Queen of Hearts 1859
Charles Dickens Hunted Down 1860
Anonyma The Experiences of a Lady Detective 1861
Thomas Bailey Aldrich  Out of his Head 1862
Mark Twain Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County 1867
Emile Gaboriau The Little Old Man of Batignolles 1876
James M Govan Brought to Bay 1878
By a New York Detective Detective Sketches 1881
Robert Louis Stevenson New Arabian Nights 1882
Frank R Stockton The Lady or the Tiger 1884
Eden Phillpotts My Adventure in the Flying Scotsman 1888
Dick Donovan The Man Hunter 1888
Israel Zangwill  The Big Bow Mystery 1892
A Conan Doyle The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1892
Meade & Halifax  Stories from the Diary of a Doctor 1894
Arthur Morrison Martin Hewitt Investigator 1894
MP Shiel MPrince Zaleski 1895
Melville Davisson Post The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason 1896
Grant Allen An African Millionaire 1897
George R Sims Dorcas Dene Detective 1897
M McDonnell Bodkin Paul Beck, the Rule of Thumb Detective 1898
Rodrigues Ottolengui Final Proof 1898
Nicholas Carter The Detective's Pretty Neighbor 1899
EW Hornung  The Amateur Cracksman 1899
LT Meades - Robert Eustace  The Brotherhood of Seven Kings 1899
Herbert Cadett The Adventures of a Journalist 1900
Richard Harding Davis  In the Fog 1901
Clifford Ashdown The Adventures of Romney Pringle 1902
Bret Harte Condensed Novels 1902
Percival Pollard Lingo Dan 1903
B Fletcher Robinson  The Chronicles of Addington Peace 1905
Arnold Bennett The Loot of Cities 1905
Robert Barr The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont 1906
Alfred Henry Lewis Confessions of a Detective 1906
Maurice Leblanc The Exploits of Arsene Lupin 1907
Jacques Futrelle The Thinking Machine 1907
George Randolph Chester Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford 1908
O Henry The Gentle Grafter 1908
Baroness Orczy The Old Man in the Corner 1909
R Austin Freeman John Thorndyke's Cases 1909
JS Fletcher The Adventures of Archer Dawe 1909
Balduin Groller Detective Dagobert's Deeds and Adventures 1910
TW Hanshew  The Man of the Forty Faces 1910
MacHarg & Balmer  The Achievements of Luther Trant 1910
GK Chesterton  The Innocence of Father Brown 1911
Samuel Hopkins Adams Average Jones 1911
Arthur B Reeve The Silent Bullet 1912
Gelett Burgess  The Master of Mysteries 1912
Victor L Whitechurch  Thrilling Stories of the Railway 1912
R Austin Freeman The Singing Bone 1912
William Hope Hodgson Carnacki the Ghost-Finder 1913
Anna Katharine Green Masterpieces of Mystery 1913
Hesketh Pritchard November Joe 1913
Ernest Bramah  Max Carrados 1914
Arthur Sherburne Hardy Diane and her Friends 1914
Thomas Burke Limehouse Nights 1916
AEW Mason The Four Corners of the World 1917
Melville Davisson Post  Uncle Abner 1918
Ellis Parker Butler Philo Grubb 1918
John Russell The Red Mark 1919
William Le Quex  Mysteries of a Great City 1920
Sax Rohmer The Dream Detective 1920
J Storer Clouston Carrington's Cases 1920
Vincent Starrett The Unique Hamlet 1920
Arthur Train Tutt and Mr Tutt 1920
HC Bailey Call Mr. Fortune 1920
Maurice Leblanc  The Eight Strokes of the Clock 1922
Octavus Roy Cohen Jim Hanvey Detective 1923
Agatha Christie Poirot Investigates 1924
Edgar Wallace The Mind of Mr. JG Reeder 1925
Louis Golding Luigi of Catanzaro 1926
Anthony Wynne Sinner Go Secretly 1927
Susan Glaspell A Jury of Her Peers 1927
Dorothy L Sayers Lord Peter Views the Body 1928
GDH & M Cole Superintendent Wilson's Holiday 1928
W Somerset Maugham  Ashenden 1928
Percival Wilde Rogues in Clover 1929
TS Stribling  Clues of the Caribees 1929
Harvey O'Higgins Detective Duff Unravels it 1929
Frederick Irving Anderson Book of murder 1930
F Tennyson Jesse  The Solange Stories 1931
Damon Runyon Guys and Dolls 1931
Georges Simenon The Thirteen Culprits 1932
Leslie Charteris The Brighter Buccaneer 1933
Henry Wade Policeman's lot 1933
MG Eberhart The Cases of Susan Dare 1934
Irvin S Cobb Faith, Hope and Charity 1934
C Daly King The Curious Mr Tarrant 1935
Margery Allingham Mr Campion and Others 1939
EC Bentley Trent Intervenes 1938
Carter Dickson The Department of Queer Complaints 1940
Willaim MacHarg The Affairs of O'Malley 1940
H Bustos Domecq Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi 1942
William Irish After Dinner Story 1944
Dashiell Hammett The Adventures of Sam Spade 1944
Raymond Chandler Five Murderers 1944
Lillian de la Torre Dr Sam Johnson, Detector 1946
Rafael Sabatini Turbulent Tales 1946
Antonio Helu The Compulsion to Murder 1946
Stuart Palmer The Riddles of Hildegarde Withers 1947
Roy Vickers The Department of Dead Ends 1947
William Faulkner Knight's Gambit 1949
Lawrence G Blochman Homicide 1950
John Collier Fancies and Goodnights 1951
Philip Macdonald Something to Hide 1952
Lord Dunsany The Little Tales of Smethers 1952
Edmund Crispin Beware of the Trains 1953
Roald Dahl Someone Like You 1953
Michael Innes Appleby Talking 1954
Stanley Ellin Mystery Stories 1956
Evan Hunter The Jungle Kids 1956
Charlotte Armstrong The Albatross 1957
Craig Rice The Name is Malone 1958
Rufus King Malice in Wonderland 1958
Georges Simenon The Short Cases of Inspector Maigret 1959
Patrick Quentin The Ordeal of Mrs Snow 1961
Stuart Palmer & Craig Rice  People Vs Withers & Malone 1963
Helen McCloy Surprise, Surprise ! 1965
Robert L Fish The Incredible Schlock Homes 1966
Miriam Allen de Ford The Theme is Murder 1967
Michael Gilbert Game Without Rules 1967
Harry Kemelman The Nine Mile Walk 1967

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