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Peter Oldfield

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The Alchemy Murder - Peter Oldfield
1929 UK hardback first edition, first imperssion published by Constable in London
A VG+ book in 7/6 dust jacket
The book is a nice example, clean boards and tect block
No owner names or stamps - very solid
The wrapper is priced 7/6 on the spine as called for, the inside flap is blank but clipped
There is some loss around the spine ends and some edge wear, still looka atractive

What this Book is About
THE conductor of the sleeping-car his hand for Philip Trevanion's ticket. number, Monsieur ? " he asked. " Thirteen. Is the train full ? " " Why, sir ? Superstitious ? " asked the man, with that smile of respectful familiarity peculiar to people who live on tips.
The Englishman laughed. " Not a bit of it. I was only wondering if there was any chance of a compartment to myself."
The conductor shook his head. " I'm afraid not. It's crowded. Everyone going out for winter sports. Why, your own travelling companion's arrived already." A porter leaned out of the window for the hand luggage, and Philip Trevanion climbed into the train, wondering a little unhappily who his chance companion would be.
As he went along the corridor a girl hurried out of one of the compartments and walked straight into him. " Oh, pardon, M'sieur," she said, half in laughter and half in apology.

Absolutely outstanding artwork by J. Abbey and a very rare book let alone in a 7/6 jacket
A rare opportunity to get a pre 1930 crime fiction 1st in a jacket

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WHILE Philip Trevanion was still awaiting the order to enter the sleeping-car where his alleged victim was lying, the morning express from Dijon roared into the station and three men who descended from it came with the station-master along the line towards him and his guards. The commissaire clambered down from the carriage and hurried with obsequious gestures to greet the newcomers, while Trevanion's two guards stood smartly to attention.
The leader of the three men was a little fellow with bright, black eyes and black, bristling hair. He was none other, the Englishman gathered from his guards' excited whispers, than PreVost, the great detective from Paris. With him was a high official of the railway company in a rather antiquated frock coat, and the third man, if one could judge by his black handbag, was a doctor.
" Is that the prisoner? " asked Prevost, as he walked past, and Lenoir, the commissaire of police, nodded proudly.
The detective stared hard at Trevanion for a moment and then asked the station-master, who stood deferentially in the background, " Have you a waiting-room ? Could this man be sent to it ? "

Author Reviews
Saturday Review :
" The Death of a Diplomat is an ingenious blend of several types of adventure story. Its theme is the detection of crime ; but it moves with a freer, looser gait than roost stories of its class."

Times Literary Supplement:
"A thriller of crime, pursuit add frustration of villains. . . . This is an excellently told tale which will divert all amateur detectives, whether or not they guess everything that is going to happen."


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