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Ngaio Marsh

Bibliography & History

Bibliography - Checklist
Crime - Mystery Books
A Man Lay Dead 1934
Enter a Murderer 1935
The Nursing Home Murder 1935
Death in Ecstasy 1936
Vintage Murder 1937
Artists in Crime 1938
Death in a White Tie 1938
Overture to Death 1939
Death at the Bar 1940
Surfeit of Lampreys 1941
Death and the Dancing Footman 1942
Colour Scheme 1943
Died in the Wool 1945
Final Curtain 1947
Swing Brother Swing 1949
Opening Night 1951
Spinsters in Jeopardy 1954
Scales of Justice 1955
Off with His Head 1957
Singing in the Shrouds 1959
False Scent 1960
Hand in Glove 1962
Dead Water 1964
Death at the Dolphin 1967
Clutch of Constables 1968
When in Rome 1970
Tied up in Tinsel 1972
Black as He's Painted 1974
Last Ditch 1977
Grave Mistake 1978
Photo Finish 1980
Light Thickens 1982
All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
Ngaio Marsh wrote thirty-two novels in total, all of which featured her main series character Roderick Alleyn. Inspector Alleyn was assisted by Inspector Fox, Nigel Bathgate and later his wife Agatha Troy, a famous artist. Ngaio Marsh used her knowledge and experience of the theatre in many of the novels, particularly in one of her best books Opening Night. The majority of titles appeared first in the UK but there are thirteen titles which appeared first in the US, there are also a few alternate titles.

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