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The Terriford Mystery - Mrs Belloc Lowndes
c1925 UK hardcover fourth edition. Hutchinson
A VG++ book sadly lacking wrapper
No names etc, clean cloth no spine fade, clean pages
TERRIFORD village, a peaceful, exquisite corner of old England-Houses, cottages and great raftered barns spread over a rising stretch of what was once primeval woodland. No dwelling place is less than fifty years old and many are of much older date.
An uncommon title
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IN the star-powdered sky there hung a pale, golden moon. It was the 25th of May, and though the day had been warm and sunny, it was cold to-night, and even as early as ten o'clock most of the lights were extinguished in Terriford village. But " the moon is the lovers' sun " : such was the conceit which a tall, loosely-built man had just propounded to the girl walking by his side on the field path which lay like a white ribbon across the four cornfields stretching between the Thatched House Farm and the well-kept demesne of the Thatched House. The girl—Lucy Warren was her name, and she was parlourmaid at the Thatched House—made no answer. She could well have spared the moonlight. She knew that not only her clever, capable mother, but also all the gossips who made up her little world, would be shocked indeed did they see her walking, in this slow, familiar, loverlike way, with her mother's lodger, Guy Cheale. Not that shrewd Mrs. Warren disliked her lodger. In spite of herself she had become very fond of him. He was such a queer, fantastic—had she known the word, she might have added cynical—young gentleman.


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