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Michael Dibdin

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The Last Sherlock Holmes Story - 1978
A Rich, Full Death - 1986
Ratking - 1988
The Tryst - 1989
Vendetta - 1990
Dirty Tricks - 1991
Cabal - 1992
The Dying of the Light - 1993
Dead Lagoon - 1994
Dark Spectre - 1995
Cosi Fan Tutti - 1996
A Long Finish - 1998
Blood Rain - 1999
Thanksgiving - 2000
The Vine - 2001
And Then You Die - 2002
Medusa - 2003 

All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
Michael Dibdin was a man of whom great things were expected, indeed at one time he had the biggest advertising budget of all the authors at Faber. His series character, Aurelio Zen, is well crafted and plots are set well against interesting backgrounds. Unaccountably things seem to have gone a little 'quiet' however he remains highly recommended to both readers and collectors

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