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Medical Mysteries

Recommended Reading - Authors

This list deals with books set in a hospital or with a strong medical background
Basing mysteries in hospitals seems not to have been used as often as one would imagine
The opportunity for skulduggery and no good is manifestly clear
Plenty of well known characters have had medical backgrounds of course and routinely used their skills
Though usually to a non medical backdrop
Below is a sample list suggested authors and books
We always welcome suggestions for additions to the list - authors name hyperlinked takes you to their dedicated page

Author Title
Josephine Bell Murder in Hospital
Christianna Brand Green for Danger
Miles Burton Murder MD
Carol Carnac Upstairs Downstairs
Patricia Cornwell Postmortem and many others - Scarpetta
Robin Cook Numerous titles
DM Devine Doctors Also Die
Peter Dickinson One Foot in the Grave
RB Dominic The Attending Physician
John A. Elefteriades, MD Transplant
Tess Gerritsen Life Support
BM Gill Victims
PD James Shroud for a Nightingale
Mary Kittredge Fatal Diagnosis - Edwina Crusoe
Emma Lathen A Stitch in Time
Ngaio Marsh The Nursing Home Murder
Kathy Reichs Numerous titles
John Rhode Death in Harley Street

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