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Maxwell March aka Margery Allingham

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The Shadow in the House - Maxwell March
1936 English hardback 1st edition, first impression, Collins Crime Club, London
A good only book sadly sans dust jacket
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc
Tightly bound and square with original endpapers
Boards show some wear and marks, scattered edge spotting
Mary Coleridge arrives at a seemingly nice and pleasant family home only to receive an amazing offer - proposal
Whilst not the nicest of copies it is exceptionally scarce and very much priced to reflect condition
For Sale at £SOLD (approx $SOLD) * - free delivery worldwide !

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IT BEGAN with the girl. As she sat looking down at the white breakfast table in that cold boarding-house dining-room, the gloom only broken by the warmth of her hair and the deep cream of her skin, she did not know that the hour was approaching when the thing that was to happen would swoop down upon her and those others, to envelop and crush her beneath its heavy shadow. She did not know then, even, of the three impressions which were to remain vivid and terrifying in her memory until the day she died : the sight of the clean line of a man's throat and jaw, brown against white linen ; the feel of an old-fashioned ring, paralysingly tight, on the third finger of her left hand, and, curiously, the smell of wet leaves rotting cleanly in the long grass. At the moment she was thinking rather shyly of a little love affair, so frail and tender a plant that she did not dream of the long tenuous roots it was to put out, which were to creep out blindly to bind her still more helplessly beneath the shadow. Nor did she dream then of that other love which was to come, " You're early, Miss Coleridge." There was a hint of reproof rather than reproach in Miss Campbell-Smith's voice as she paused for a moment before the small table in the darkest corner of the oppressive room to look down at the girl who sat waiting for her breakfast.

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