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Mary Bringle

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Death of an Unknown Man - Mary Bringle
1987 UK hardback first edition, 1st impression, Collins Crime Club, London
A VG++ book in like unclipped dust jacket
No names, inscriptions or stamps
Tightly bound and square with usuual edge tan due to cheap paper
The dustwrapper has slight rubs to spine ends and edges
A novel based in Ireland, just outside Dublin and featuring Garda Sergeant Sean Lynch

A first edition delivered for less than original cover price !
For Sale at £7.50 (approx $12) *df4 - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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The dog's name was Wolfe Tone, He was medium-sized and of some mixed breed which did not invite speculation. Nobody could think why his owners had named him Wolfe Tone, since they were not known for having Irish Republican sentiments, and the truth was that Terry, the oldest and cleverest of the Brannigan children, had claimed that the dog, viewed in certain lights and at particular angles, resembled a wolf's cub. Wolfe Tone was not at all popular in Gilligan Crescent —he savaged the rubbish bags, habitually, on collection day. Nobody was unkind to him—although Mrs O'Rourke had once chased him from her flower bed with colourful curses—and for the most part he was ignored, and led the life of a dog of no distinction. His status rose abruptly one day late in May when he became, briefly, a sort of celebrity. Terry Brannigan, just back from school, found Wolfe Tone in an agitated and highly nervous state. He whined and made dashing movements in the direction of the old racecourse, looking back over his shoulder to see if Terry was following. As Terry later told it, the dog had finally loped to the low stone wall surrounding the racecourse and set up a constant, furious barking. Since barking was one of the few vices Wolfe Tone did not indulge in, Terry had decided something was amiss, He had joined his dog at the wall, looked into the lupine, pleading eyes, and when Wolfe Tone leaped the wall, Terry followed after.

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