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Lucille Kallen

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Introducing GB Greenfield - SIGNED - Lucille Kallen
1979 USA hardback first edition, Crown, New York
A VG+ book SIGNED on the front endpaper by the author
Small neat previous owner bookplate to pastedown and word exum written
The jacket has large chip to front cover, poor
A great opportunity to upgrade for somebody with an unsigned copy in a fine jacket
A fantastic pairing of an eccentric detective and his observant assistant Maggie Rome, highly acclaimed
A rare book signed, the only copy available online at the time of writing
For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (approx $SOLD) - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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As I dropped Arthur at the front entrance to the high school, I saw Calli come out through the double doors and mince carefully down the slushy walk clutching her huge brown leather bag against her soft woolly burnt-orange coat with the big raccoon collar. I tooted the horn and rolled down the window. She saw me, but she wasn't about to negotiate the distance between us since her car was in the other direction. She stood still and yelled at me that she had been to see the guidance counselor about Felicia's report card, that all guidance counselors were stupid and she couldn't understand how they kept their jobs or even got them in the first place. "Did you get a call from Dr. Walsh?" I asked, knowing that even though Calli and Helen went into the office only on Wednesdays to clear away, pick up the copies, and mail them at the post office, they were sometimes there until noon. "About Peter? Dough!" she yelled. "By God, Baggie, I hope that whoever did it breaks his deck and dies! If I could fide hib I would shoot hib! I bead it!" "Is Charlie at the office?"

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