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Locked Room Mysteries

Recommended Reading - Authors

The following is a list of recommended books based on the locked room or impossible crime platform
The locked room mystery has long been a favourite with mystery writers, indeed one of the earliest detective fiction titles
was so based. Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue (1841) was not perhaps the most ingenious locked room mystery but the die was cast
The author most associated with the genre is John Dickson Carr who devoted himself almost entirely to the impossible crime
There are of course many others and we have a sample list of recommended titles below
For further study we recommend acquiring a copy of Locked Room Murders and Other Impossible Crimes by Robert Adey
We always welcome suggestions for additions to the list - authors name hyperlinked takes you to their dedicated page
Author Title
Catherine Aird His Burial Too
Margery Allingham Flowers for the Judge
Peter Antony The Woman in the Wardrobe
Anthony Berkeley The Layton Court Mystery
Christianna Brand Suddenly at His Residence
Leo Bruce Case for Three detectives
John Dickson Carr The Hollow man & other many titles
Agatha Christie Murder in Mesopotamia
Edmund Crispin The Moving Toyshop
Freeman Wills Crofts The End of Andrew Harrison
Carter Dickson The Judas Window
Michael Gilbert Close Quarters
C Daly King Careless Corpse
Gaston Leroux The Mystery of the Yellow Room
Philip Macdonald The Crime Conductor
Helen McCloy Through a Glass Darkly
Beverley Nichols The Moonflower
Anthony Oliver The Elberg Collection
Ellery Queen The Chinese Orange Mystery
Clayton Rawson Death from a Top Hat
John Rhode Tragedy at the Unicorn
John Sladek Invisible Green
Clifford Witting Catt Out of the Bag
Anthony Wynne Numerous titles

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