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Leo Bruce

Bibliography & History

Bibliography - Checklist
Crime - Mystery Books
Case for Three Detectives 1936
Case Without a Corpse 1937
Case with No Conclusion 1939
Case with Four Clowns 1939
Case with Ropes and Rings 1940
Case for Sergeant Beef 1947
Neck and Neck 1951
Cold Blood 1952
At Death's Door 1955
Death of Cold 1956
Dead for a Ducat 1956
Dead Man's Shoes 1958
A Louse for the Hangman 1958
Our Jubilee is Death 1959
Jack on the Gallows Tree 1960
Furious Old Women 1960
A Bone and a Hank of Hair 1961
Die All Die Merrily 1961
Nothing Like Blood 1962
Crack of Doom 1963
Death in Albert Park 1964
Death at Hallows End 1965
Death on the Black Sands 1966
Death at St Asprey's School 1967
Death of a Commuter 1967
Death on Romney Marsh 1968
Death with Blue Ribbon 1969
Death on Allhallowe'en 1970
Death by the Lake 1971
Death in the Middle Watch 1974
Death of a Bovver Boy 1974
Murder in Miniature 1993
All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
Leo Bruce was the pseudonym of Rupert Croft Cooke, a prolific author in his own right. For adherents to the classic form of crime fiction then Bruce delivers consistently. His first series character was Sergeant Beef who leaves his post as policeman in a small village to set up shop as a private investigator in London. Beef appeared in only eight novels. The second series character was Carolus Deene, a public schoolmaster, appeared in twenty-three cases. Deene enjoys a comfortable life with the assistance of a considerable private income. A well rounded character who grows well through the subsequent books. Somewhat surprisingly most of the books were not published comtemporaneously in the US, though Academy did publish many of the titles in the 1980's .

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