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John Rhode Books Wanted

Sell Books - Highest Prices Paid

We are always keen to buy UK editions of crime fiction, mystery and detective fiction titles
We buy anything from single books to large collections - further specific details for this author below
or for more information about other books bought books wanted

Specific Titles Sought
The Double Florin
The Alarm
The Paddington Mystery
Dr. Priestley's Quest
The Ellerby Case Bles
The Murders in Praed Street
Tragedy at the Unicorn
The House on Tottard Ridge
The Davidson Case
Peril at Cranbury Hall
Tragedy on the Line
The Hanging Woman
Mystery at Greycombe Farm
Dead Men at the Folly
The Motor Rally Mystery
The Claverton Mystery
The Robthorne Mystery
Poison for One Crime Club
Shot at Dawn
The Corpse in the Car
Hendon's First Case
Mystery at Olympia
Murder at the Motor Show
Death at Breakfast
In Face of the Verdict
Death in the Hopfields
Death on the Board
Proceed with Caution
Invisible Weapons
The Bloody Tower
Drop to His Death Heinemann
Death Pays a Dividend 

Any signed UK first Editions
Ephemeral items and association copies

Books Wanted by Other Authors
We are also actively seeking books by the following authors, amongst others
Cyril Hare
Ngaio Marsh

Specific Details - Collectable Books
We would like to buy UK books, sadly not US editions, sorry.
UK first editions in dust jackets
Early titles without wrapper are also bought
Later impressions in jacket also considered

General Details
Other titles not listed in runs or fine in jacket
Once again UK firsts in nice condition

Reading Copies
We can buy reading copies, i.e. reprints and paperbacks
These need to be part of a larger lot though
Sadly singular items of this nature are unviable due to postage

Prices Paid
We are paying the best prices
Definitely higher than others or by selling at auction
If you have anything you would consider selling, please do
contact us
Stating the price you seek makes thing very much quicker
We regularly pay more than quoted - so rest assured
We can, of course, quote if you have no idea of value

Books for Sale
Our current online stock can be seen here John Rhode
Further information can be found by visiting our John Rhode Bibliography

We respond promptly to all emails, if you do not receive a reply please resend as we did not receive it
Please do not send scans on initial contact - many thanks
Thanks for visiting us and also for considering us should you quote anything

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