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Jay R Bonansinga

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The Killer's Game - Jay R Bonansinga
1997 UK hardcover 1st edition, 1st impression, Macmillan, London
A near fine book in near fine price clipped dustwrapper
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc
Tightly bound and square, clean contents and cloth
The jacket has no loss or tears
A very original thriller based around a hit-man who has been told due to illness he only has a short time to live, he then takes out contracts on himself with colleagues. Job done ! When he gets home there is a message from the doctor, we made a mistake, you're OK
A tidy copy, great read and an uncommon English edition
For Sale at 10 (approx $17) *B4 - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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Kagan nodded. "It's not unusual for a person with acute leukemia to feel nothing more than a little run down, maybe a little achy. That's in the early stages. Your spleen seems OK on the X-rays, but my guess is it's enlarged. Have you experienced any unusual bleeding lately? Weight loss? Joint pain? Anything like that?" "My gums bleed like stuck pigs when I brush my teeth," Joe told him. "Always figured it was gum disease." "I understand what you're saying." "Let me get a handle on this thing, Doc. You're telling me I've got leukemia." "Joe, the test results are usually fairly accurate." . ; v "So I'm dead meat." . " - -. '^ ------ .* -;^..- - .. iv "Now, wait, Joe, slow down." The doctor raised his hand. "There's a lot to talk about here. Choices to make. I want you to understand the test results, and I want you to understand the options." ^ ; "Yeah, yeah, let's discuss the options." Joe found himself studying the physician's face. This was a poker game all of a sudden, and he could see that the guy across the desk had all the cards. It was in his eyes. The tell. He had a feeling all doctors secretly relished this moment, the telling. Giving patients the bad news. It's in the moment itself, the switch, the point at which the patient's life irrevocably turns inside out, and the doctor becomes the sole lifeline, and his word becomes the word of an Old Testament God. Joe was very possibly the only other kind of professional who understood this profound rush. "First of all," the doctor droned on, his words becoming a layer of noise in Joe's head like a power line creating sixty-cycle hum, "what's going on in your body, the healthy bone marrow is being replaced by immature white blood cells, and

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