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Holly Roth

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Shadow of a Lady - Holly Roth
1961 UK Penguin paperback 1st edition, published in London
A nicer than normal copy
Clean and tidy, less tan than normal
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc

A tense mystery featuring Private Eye Monte Gordon - a classic period read

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The Content Assignment - Holly Roth
1958 English Penguin paperback 1st edition, 1st impression, published in London
A solid VG book
The book is tightly bound, clean and tidy, light wear to spine and edges
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc
The author's first book
A clean solid copy

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The Sleeper - written by author - Holly Roth
1959 British paperback 1st edition, published by Penguin in London
A solid tidy reading copy
Some general rubbing and wear - light edge tan
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc
An acceptable readers copy

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Holly Roth ~ Brief Biography
Holly Roth was born in Chicago but regards herself as a New Yorker. Her childhood and teens were spent in America and Europe, mostly between Brooklyn and London, on account of her father's business, with the result that her education was the product of many schools, private tutors, and colleges, from which she emerged with a B.A. degree. She started to earn her living as a model, for which she was well suited, but left that for newspaper and magazine work where she did a variety of things with immense success. Eventually she settled on the mystery and suspense field through having two novels serialized in the Saturday Evening Post and Colliers. Her first book was The Content Assignment, followed by The Mask of Class, The Sleeper, and The Crimson in the Purple,

Sample from The Content assignment
Terrant, the central figure of this taut thriller, wasn't interested in the motives behind Ellen Content's disappearance. He wasn't trying to solve anything. He wasn't concerned in the matter as a politician or a newspaper reporter. All he wanted was Ellen Content herself. A chance meeting in post-war Berlin, the beginnings of a love affair, followed by events which were violent and unexplained, had made Ellen Content part of his life. He knew his own personal motives for continuing to search, but he found that they were not appreciated by the authorities involved. First the Central Intelligence Agency of the American Government, then Scot and Yard, told him to desist from his inquiries: the Content Assignment was of his own making. He received no help, no clues, no hope . . . until, one day, a few words at the bottom of a column in The Times gave him the answer to the question of what to do with his life. From that moment onwards, he was involved in violence - murders of a particularly brutal and capricious kind, a chase which led from Berlin to London and on to New York with always the unexpected at the end of the journey, and real thrills and fears on the way.

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