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Historical Mysteries

Recommended Reading - Authors

The following is a list of recommended authors in the field of historical mystery / crime fiction
They do cover a wide range and time span but they do all excel when it comes to historical content
We always welcome suggestions for additions to the list - authors name linked takes you to their dedicated page

Gwendoline Butler John Dickson Carr Lindsey Davis Lillian de la Torre Elizabeth Eyre
PC Doherty Paul Harding Michael Clynes Richard Falkirk Ray Harrison
Keith Heller Alanna Knight Peter Lovesey Anne Perry Ellis Peters
Jeremy Potter Bernard St James Francis Selwyn Jean Stubbs Julian Symons
HRF Keating Robert Van Gulik RJ White Michael Jecks Christian Jacq
Alys Clare Candace Robb Ian Morson Susanna Gregory Bruce Alexander


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