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Haycraft Queen Cornerstones

The initial list was published in 1942 by Howard Haycraft in his book Murder for Pleasure
It quickly became a definitive list for readers and collectors
So much so that even today rare book dealers and collectors still refer to a title as a Haycraft Queen Cornerstone
The list was revised and extended subsequently by Ellery Queen up to 1952
In the interests of historical accuracy we have both the original and revised list below

The order of the listings follows their original draft

A Readers List of Detective Story Cornerstones
By Howard Haycraft

Author Title Date Detective
Edgar Allan Poe Tales 1845 Auguste Dupin
Charles Dickens Bleak House 1853 Inspector Bucket
Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1870 Datchery
Emile Gaboriau L Affaire Lerouge 1866 Pere Taberet
Emile Gaboriau Monsieur Lecoq 1869 Monsieur Lecoq
Wilkie Collins The Moonstone 1868 Sergeant Cuff
Anna Katherine Green The Leavenworth Case 1878 Ebenezer Gryce
A Conan Doyle A Study in Scarlet 1887 Sherlock Holmes
  The Sign of Four 1890  
  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1892  
  The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 1894  
  The Hound of the Baskervilles 1902  
  The Return of Sherlock Holmes 1905  
  The Valley of Fear 1915  
  His Last Bow 1917  
  The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes 1927  
Israel Zangwill The Big Bow Mystery 1891 George Grodman, Edward Wimp
Arthur Morrison Martin Hewitt Investigator 1894 Martin Hewitt
Baroness Orczy The Old Man in the Corner 1909 The Old Man in the Corner
GR Benson Tracks in the Snow 1906 James Callaghan
Robert Barr The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont 1906 Eugene Valmont
Jacques Futrelle The Thinking Machine 1907 Professor Augustus SFX Van Dusen
Maurice Leblanc The Eight Strokes of the Clock 1922 Arsene Lupin
Gaston Leroux The Mystery of the Yellow Room 1908 Joseph Rouletabille
R Austin Freeman The Red Thumb Mark 1907 Dr John Thorndyke
R Austin Freeman The Singing Bone 1912 Dr John Thorndyke
Mary Roberts Rinehart The Circular Staircase 1908 Jamieson
Carolyn Wells The Clue 1909 Fleming Stone
AEW Mason At the Villa Rose 1920 Hanaud
AEW Mason The House of the Arrow 1924 Hanaud
Arthur B Reeve The Silent Bullet 1912 Professor Craig Kennedy
GK Chesterton The Innocence of Father Brown 1911 Father Brown
Melville Davisson Post Uncle Abner Master of Mysteries 1918 Uncle Abner
Mrs Belloc Lowndes The Lodger 1913  
EC Bentley Trent's Last Case 1913 Philip Trent
Ernest Bramah Max Carrados 1914 Max Carrados
JS Fletcher The Middle Temple Murder 1918 Frank Spargo
Freeman Wills Crofts The Cask 1920 Inspector Burnley. Georges la Touche
Freeman Wills Crofts Inspector French's Greatest Case 1924 Inspector French
Agatha Christie The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 1926 Hercule Poirot
HC Bailey Call Mr Fortune 1920 Dr Reginald Fortune
HC Bailey The Red Dastle 1923 Joshua Clunk
Eden Phillpotts The Grey Room 1921 Peter Hardcastle
Frederick Irving Anderson The Book of Murder 1930 Deputy Parr
AA Milne The Red House Mystery 1922 Antony Gillingham
GDH Cole The Brooklyn Murders 1923 Superintendent Henry Wilson
Dorothy Sayers The Nine Tailors 1934 Lord Peter Wimsey
Dorothy L Sayers + Robert Eustace The Documents in the Case 1930  
Edgar Wallace The Mind of Mr JG Reeder 1926 JG Reeder
Philip Macdonald The Rasp 1924 Colonel Anthony Gethryn
John Rhode The Paddington Mystery 1925 Dr Priestley
Anthony Berkeley The Poisoned Chocolates Case 1929 Roger Sherringham
Francis Iles Before the Fact 1932 aka Anthony Berkeley
Earl Derr Biggers The House Without a Key 1925 Charlie Chan
Ronald A Knox The Viaduct Murder 1925 Mordaunt Reeves
SS Van Dine The Benson Murder Case 1926 Philo Vance
SS Van Dine The Canary Murder Case 1927 Philo Vance
Frances Noyes Hart The Bellamy trial 1927  
RAJ Walling The Fatal Five Minutes 1932 Philip Tolefree
Clemence Dane Helen Simpson Re Enter Sir John 1932 Sir John Saumarez
Margery Allingham Death of a Ghost 1934 Albert Campion
Ellery Queen The Roman Hat mystery 1929 Ellery Queen
Barnaby Ross The Tragedy of X 1932 Drury Lane
Dashiell Hammett The Maltese Falcon 1930 Sam Spade
MG Eberhart The Patient inn Room 18 1929 Lance O leary
David Frome The Hammersmith Murders 1930 Evan Pinkerton
John Dickson Carr The Arabian Nights Murder 1936 Dr Gideon Fell
Carter Dickson The Plague Court Murders 1934 Sir Henry Merrivale
Georges Simenon The Patience of Maigret 1940 Inspector Maigret
Phoebe Atwood Taylor The Cape Cod Mystery 1931 Asey Mayo
Erle Stanley Gardner The Case of the Sulky Girl 1933 Perry Mason
Rex Stout Fer De Lance 1934 Nero Wolfe
Ngaio Marsh Overture to Death 1939 Inspector Roderick Alleyn
Richard Hull The Murder of My Aunt 1935  
Nicholas Blake The Beast Must Die 1938 Nigel Strangeways
Michael Innes Lament for a Maker 1938 Inspector John Appleby
Eric Ambler A Coffin for Dimitrios 1939 Charles Latimer
Mabel Seeley The Listening House 1938 Lieutenant Peter Strom

Haycraft Queen Cornerstones

The revised list by Ellery Queen

1748      Voltaire      ZADIG.
1829      Francois Eugene Vidocq      MEMOIRES DE VlDOCQ.
1845      Edgar Allan Poe      TALES
1853      Charles Dickens      BLEAK HOUSE
1856      Waters (William Russell)      RECOLLECTIONS OF A DETECTIVE POLICE OFFICER.
1860      Wilkie Collins      THE WOMAN IN WHITE.
1862      Victor Hugo      LES MlSERABLES
1866      Fyodor Dostoyevsky      CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (first edition in English, 1886)
1866      Emile Gaboriau      L'AFFAIRE LEROUGE (THE WIDOW LEROUGE)
1866      Seeley Regester (Mrs. M. V Victor)      THE DEAD LETTER.
1867      Emile Gaboriau      LE DOSSIER No. 113, 1867 (FILE No. 113)
1868      Wilkie Collins, THE MOONSTONE
1868      Emile Gaboriau      LE CRIME D'ORCI-VAL, 1868 (THE MYSTERY OF ORCIVAL)
1869      Emile Gaboriau      MONSIEUR LECOQ

1870      Charles Dickens      THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD
1872      (Harlan Page Halsey)      OLD SLEUTH, THE DETECTIVE.
1874      Allan Pinkerton      THE EXPRESSMAN AND THE DETECTIVE.
1878      Anna Katharine Green      THE LEAVENWORTH CASE.
1882      Robert Louis Stevenson      NEW ARABIAN NIGHTS
1886      Robert Louis Stevenson      THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE
1887      Fergus W. Hume      THE MYSTERY OF A HANSOM CAB
1887      A. Conan Doyle      A STUDY IN SCARLET
              A. Conan Doyle      THE SIGN OF FOUR, 1890
              A. Conan Doyle      THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, 1892
              A. Conan Doyle      THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, 1894
              A. Conan Doyle      THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, 1902
              A. Conan Doyle      THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, 1905
              A. Conan Doyle      THE VALLEY OF FEAR, 1915
              A. Conan Doyle      HIS LAST Bow, 1917
              A. Conan Doyle      THE CASE-BOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 1927
1892      Israel Zangwill      THE BIG Bow MYSTERY
1894      Mark Twain      THE TRAGEDY OF PUDD'NHEAD WILSON
1894      Arthur Morrison      MARTIN HEWITT, INVESTIGATOR
1895      MP Shiel      PRINCE ZALESKI
1897      Bram Stoker      DRACUIA.
1899      EW Hornung      THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN. 
1903      Erskine Childers      THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS.
1905      Baroness Orczy      THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL
1906      Godfrey R. Benson      TRACKS IN THE SNOW
1906      Robert Barr      THE TRIUMPHS OF EUGENE VALMONT
1907      Jacques Futrelle       THE THINKING MACHINE
1907      Maurice Leblanc      ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN-CAMBRI-OLEUR
1907      Gaston Leroux      THE MYSTERY OF THE YELLOW ROOM
1908      Gaston Leroux      THE PERFUME OF THE WOMAN IN BLACK
1907      R Austin Freeman      THE RED THUMB MARK.
              R Austin Freeman      OHN THORNDYKE'S CASES, 1909
              R Austin Freeman      THE EYE OF OSIRIS, 1911
              R Austin Freeman      HE SINGING BONE, 1912.
1907      Joseph Conrad       THE SECRET AGENT..
1908      Mary Roberts Rinehart      THE CIRCULAR STAIRCASE.
1908      O. Henry      THE GENTLE GRAFTER
1908      G. K. Chesterton      THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY
              G. K. Chesterton      THE INNOCENCE OF FATHER BROWN, 1916
1909      Cleveland Moffett      THROUGH THE WALL.
1909      Carolyn Wells      THE CLUE..
1909      Baroness Orczy      THE OLD MAN IN THE CORNER
1910      AEW. Mason      AT THE VILLA ROSE.
              AEW. Mason      THE HOUSE OF THE ARROW, 1924
1910      William MacHarg and Edwin Balmer      THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF LUTHER TRANT.
1912      Arthur B. Reeve      THE SILENT BULLET. 
1913      Mrs. Belloc Lowndes     THE LODGER
1913      Sax Rohmer      THE MYSTERY OF DR. FU-MANCHU.
1913      EC Bentley      TRENT'S LAST CASE.
1914      Ernest Bramah      MAX CARRADOS.
1914      Louis Joseph Vance      THE LONE WOLF
1915      John Buchan      THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS
1916      Thomas Burke      LIMEHOUSE NIGHTS
1918      Melville Davisson Post      UNCLE ABNER
1918      JS Fletcher      THE MIDDLE TEMPLE MURDER
1920      Agatha Christie      THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES.
              Agatha Christie      THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD, 1926
1920      Freeman Wills Crofts      THE CASK
              Freeman Wills Crofts      INSPECTOR FRENCH'S GREATEST CASE, 1924
1920      HC Bailey       CALL MR. FORTUNE
              HC Bailey       HE RED CASTLE, 1932
1920      Sapper (Cyril McNeile)      BULL-DOG DRUMMOND
1920      Arthur Train      TUTT AND MR. TUTT
1920      E. Phillips Oppenheim     THE GREAT IMPERSONATION,
1921      Eden Phillpotts, THE GREY ROOM
1922      A A. Milne      THE RED HOUSE MYSTERY
1923      Dorothy L Sayers      WHOSE BODY?
              Dorothy L. Sayers      THE NINE TAILORS, 1934
              Dorothy L. Sayers      with Robert Eustace, THE DOCUMENTS IN THE CASE, 1930
1924      Philip MacDonald      THE RASP.
              Philip MacDonald      THE NURSEMAID WHO DISAPPEARED 1938
1925      Edgar Wallace      THE MIND OF MR. JG REEDER
1925      John Rhode      THE PADDINGTON MYSTERY
              John Rhode      THE MURDERS IN PRAED STREET, 1928
1925      Earl Derr Biggers     THE HOUSE WITHOUT A KEY.
1925      Theodore Dreiser      AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY
1925      Liam O'Flaherty      THE INFORMER
1925      Ronald A Knox      THE VIADUCT MURDER
1926      SS Van Dine      THE BENSON MURDER CASE.
              SS Van Dine      THE CANARY MURDER CASE, 1927
1926      CS Forester      PAYMENT DEFERRED
1927      Frances Noyes Hart       THE BELLAMY TRIAL
1928      W Somerset Maugham     ASHENDEN
1928      Leslie Charteris      MEET THE TlGER
1929      Anthony Berkeley       THE POISONED CHOCOLATES CASE
              Anthony Berkeley       TRIAL AND ERROR       1937
              Anthony Berkeley       BEFORE THE FACT, 1932 (as Frances lies)
1929      Ellery Queen       THE ROMAN HAT MYSTERY.
              Ellery Queen       CALAMITY TOWN, 1942
              Ellery Queen       THE TRAGEDY OF X, 1932 (as Barnaby Ross).
              Ellery Queen       TTHE TRAGEDY OF Y, 1932 (as Barnaby Ross)
1929      Rufus King      MURDER BY THE CLOCK.
1929      WR Burnett       LITTLE CAESAR
1929      TS Stribling      CLUES OF THE CARIBBEES.
1929      Harvey J. O'Higgins      DETECTIVE DUFF UNRAVELS IT.
1929      MG Eberhart      THE PATIENT IN ROOM 18
1930      Frederick Irving Anderson      BOOK OF MURDER
1930      Dashiell Hammett      THE MALTESE FALCON.
              Dashiell Hammett      THE GLASS KEY, 1931
              Dashiell Hammett      HE ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE, 1944
1930      David Frome      THE HAMMERSMITH MURDERS.
1931      Stuart Palmer      THE PENGUIN POOL MURDER. .
1931      Francis Beeding      DEATH WALKS IN EASTREPPS. 
1931      Glen Trevor (James Hilton)     MURDER AT SCHOOL
1931      Damon Runyon     GUYS AND DOLLS
1940      Cornell Woolrich [William Irish]      THE BRIDE WORE BLACK
              Cornell Woolrich [William Irish]      PHANTOM LADY, 1942
1940      Manning Coles      DRINK TO YESTERDAY
              Manning Coles      RAY SILENCE, 1940
1941      HF Heard      ATASTE FOR HONEY
1941      Craig Rice      TRIAL BY FURY (or HOME SWEET HOMICIDE, 1944)
1942      HH Holmes [Anthony Boucher]      ROCKET TO THE MORGUE
1942      James Gould Cozzens      THE JUST AND THE UNJUST
1943      Vera Caspary      LAURA.
1944      Hilda Lawrence      BLOOD UPON THE SNOW
1946      Helen Eustis      THE HORIZONTAL MAN
1946      Charlotte Armstrong      THE UNSUSPECTED
1946      Lillian de la Torre     DR, SAM JOHNSON, DETECTOR
1946      Edmund Crispin      THE MOVING TOYSHOP
1947      Edgar Lustgarten       A CASE TO ANSWER
1947      Roy Vickers     THE DEPARTMENT OF DEAD ENDS
1948      Josephine Tey      THE FRANCHISE AFFAIR
1948      William Faulkner      INTRUDER IN THE DUST
1948      Robert M Coates     WISTERIA COTTAGE.
1948      Stanley Ellin      DREADFUL SUMMIT
1949      John Ross Macdonald      THE MOVING TARGET
1950      Eleazar Lipsky      THE PEOPLE AGAINST O'HARA.
1950      Evelyn Piper     THE MOTIVE.
1950      Thomas Walsh      NIGHTMARE IN MANHATTAN
1950      Helen McCloy      THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY
1950      Bart Spicer      BLUES FOR THE PRINCE
1950      Charlotte Armstrong      MISCHIEF
1950      Raymond Chandler      THE SIMPLE ART OF MURDER.
1951      Dorothy Salisbury Davis      A GENTLE MURDERER
1952      Lord Dunsany      THE LITTLE TALES OF SMETHERS.

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