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H Vernor Dixon

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Something for Nothing - H Vernor Dixon
1950 UK hardback first edition, first imperssion published by Hamish Hamilton in London
A VG+ book in like unclipped dust jacket
The book is clean and bright, no owner names
A solid book, straight spine and tight text block
The wrapper is clean and tidy, no rela loss, light edge rubs, impressive jacket design by the ever reliable CW Bacon

What this Book is About
'Something for Nothing has a lot of the ingredients that made Double Indemnity so impressive,' said the New Yorker Magazine when this novel was published in the USA. Surely it is a long time since a writer brought so much action, suspense and sheer excitement to a first book.

Uncommon Hard-Boiled Mystery Novel and the author's first book
A nice collectable book

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HE thought of the thousands of trains he would never ride, the hundreds of ships on which he would never sail, the towns and cities and countries that would remain imvisited, the millions of women he could never have, the great deeds that would lie undone and of all the vastness and complexities and excitement and knowledge of the •world that could never be encompassed by his brain. He thought of the shrewdness and skill and background needed to possess great wealth and was dismayed by the doubt that he would ever acquire any of it. The things that appealed to him were to find his name in print, to be pointed out on the street, to be sought after, to be envied, to live in a mansion, catered to by obsequious servants, to dominate and rule and advise and to be so rich and powerful that he could afford to be charitable. He wanted everything there was to desire and he wanted it all with a hunger that food could never satisfy and a thirst that no water could slake.

Gil crushed out a cigarette in an ashtray sunk in the top of the chromium-plated dashboard and turned his eyes up the hill. A deer had been standing stiff-legged, watching the car, but now it moved and ran off into a thicket. He looked farther up the hill at the dark silent pines and, in a small canyon, a sentry group of redwoods. There was a spring above and he could hear the slow trickle of the water. Thought of it made him thirsty, but he had been sleeping and was still too lazy to move. He blinked up at the stars in the dark sky and then leaned over to squint at his wristwatch. He was surprised to learn that it was almost midnight and that he had been sleeping—he paused to figure it out—about four hours or more. Well, what was the difference?


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