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Ernest Dudley

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The Harassed Hero - Ernest Dudley
1951 UK hardback 1st edition, 1st impression published by Hodder and Stoughton in London
A VG indeed book in unclipped dust jacket
The book has no names or stamps etc, tight binding, a solid book
The dustwrapper has no real loss, light shelf wear to edges, nice and clean

" You seem to be Having a little trouble," said Inspector Archer. Murray nodded wearily. " It's in my dressing-room," he said. "What is ? " Murray looked at the Inspector with a kind of resigned exasperation. "Didn't they tell you ?" he said. "The body." Inspector Archer turned to Sergeant Wade, who nodded and then turned back to Murray again. "Mind if he takes a look ? " " Go right ahead," Murray said, waving his arm vaguely. " Take the place apart." m Sergeant Wade ambled into the sitting-room, shaking his head slowly from side to side. " Pretty lively corpse you got there," he said. Murray blinked at him. " What do you mean ? " he queried. " Only that it isn't there any more," Sergeant Wade replied mildly. " He's been and gone and hopped it."

A scarce book in jacket and absolutely outstanding artwork by C.H. Richard
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Nightmare for Dr Morelle - SIGNED - Ernest Dudley
1960 UK hardcover first edition, first impression, Robert Hale, London
Signed and inscribed by the author on the front endpaper
A VG+ book in unclipped dustwrapper
The book has no names or stamps etc
Tightly bound and square with clean contents and cloth
The dustwrapper has some wear around spine ends and to tips, still bright and superb artwork by Fox

HELPING Interpol unmask the big wheel behind an international narcotics-racket, Dr. Morelle himself becomes involved in a train-smash with unforeseen results.

A rare book full stop as most went to public library, extremely so signed !
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The Dark Bureau - Ernest Dudley
1950 UK hardback first edition, first impression, Hodder, London
A VG indeed book in unclipped dust wrapper
Loss to spine ends, minor pieces of tape to rear of jacket
No names, inscriptions or stamps etc
Still looks nice though, stunning cover art
For Sale at £SOLD (approx $SOLD) * - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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About the Author Ernest Dudley
Ernest Dudley, known to millions of BBC television viewers and radio listeners as the Armchair Detective, began his 'life of crime' as a police reporter and assistant to axTiminal lawyer. He first introduced the inimitable Dr. ,Morelle and Miss Frayle over the BBC several years ago. Since then this popular pair of sleuths—whom critics have compared with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, have continued to appear on radio here and abroad, and in novels, films and a play.

Doubly famous as the Armchair Detective and creator of Dr. Morelle and Miss Frayle, Ernest Dudley is continually to be seen on commercial and BBC television. He has plans for a long series of novels of further adventures of Dr, Morelle and Miss Frayle.

THE DARK-SKINNED MAN with the thin black moustache which ran down the sides of his mouth, stretched himself on the shelf-like bed. The dark-skinned man's name was Zarc, He was short and wiry, with narrow coal-black eyes that shifted from side to side beneath their long lashes. He was dressed European-style, fawn duck trousers, soft patent shoes and white cotton shirt. His jacket, hanging on the peg beside the heavily draped doorway was fawn-coloured. He moved uneasily, but even if the wooden shelf on which he lay had been comfortable he could not have relaxed. He remained taut, tense, watching.

On the bright metal tray beside him was what looked like a large tumbler with a hole in the bottom which covered the little lamp. Its flame sent his distorted shadow cavorting on the wall of the stuffy cubicle. Beside the glass was a shallow bowl containing what might have been dark molasses. Also on the tray was a long knitting-needle.

The dark, treacly stuff that looked like molasses was opium. The pipe was about two feet in length elaborately carved and inlaid with imitation gold and ivory, The opium was not pushed into the pipe-bowl after the fashion of filling a pipe with tobacco, here there was only a very small aperture.

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