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Elizabeth Daly

Bibliography & Information

Bibliography - Checklist
Crime - Mystery Books
Unexpected Night 1940
Deadly Nightshade 1940
Murders in Volume 2 1941
The House Without the Door 1942
Nothing Can Rescue Me 1943
Evidence of Things Seen 1943
Arrow Pointing Nowhere 1944
The Book of the Dead 1944
Any Shape of Form 1945
Somewhere in the House 1946
The Wrong Way Down 1946
Night Walk 1947
The Book of the Lion 1948
And Dangerous to Know 1949
Death and Letters 1950
The Book of the Crime 1951
All dates are for the US first edition

Further Information
Elizabeth Daly now seems sadly forgotten by many which a shame as all her books are superbly crafted and plotted, indeed she counted non-other than Agatha Christie as one of her fans. She published sixteen books all of which featured her main series character Henry Gamadge. He is a bibliophile and expert on rare books and manuscripts which makes her books particularly appealing to fans of the bibliomystery. There was some disparity between UK and US releases some being published out of sequence, the bibliography shown follows the US editions which are the true firsts. Murder Listens in and Shroud for a Lady are re-titled reissues of earlier books.

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