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Out of Print Murder Mystery Books for Sale

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Murder is a Collector's item - Elizabeth Dean
The Author's First Book and & an 'Antique Mystery'
1939 UK hardback first edition, first impression published in London by Cassell and Co
A VG+ book or better book in unpriced 'Colonial Edition' dust jacket
A nice clean solid book, very tidy, just a few light spots to foredge
No stamps or owner names etc, very tight and square, 'feels' unread
The jacket is unpriced and Colonial Edition for distribution to British Commonwealth
Very clean and bright , small chip to spine corner,stunning artwork bt Eric Fraser

Jeff Graham's Antiques Shop was unusually busy late one day. Jeff himself kept fussing around; wealthy Roger Norwitch was in and out and ringing up about the priceless desk he wanted to buy: Hank Fairbanks was full of his theories on criminology: and Emma had her hands full, looking after the shop and listening to the lot of them. But she wished she had kept a time-table of her hectic last hour on that day, for next morning she was being questioned about the murder of Mr. Norwitch, found stabbed in the shop.
A bloody slipper was found, to be followed by a missing wrench, and a hat that oughtn't to have been there. But the shop wag really overcrowded with mystery when a second corpse was discovered on the floor.
This is not just another "whodunnit" yarn. It has a wit and charm of its own, the people you will meet are amusing and delightful, and the story grips you from the very first page.

A really nice copy, lovely fat 1930s book with a great jacket and a highly thought of novel, very rare nad a bargain!
For Sale at 199 (approx $318) *sh - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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Elizabeth Dean - Author - Sample
IT was almost five-thirty. Jeff was yelling into the telephone. Hank was sprawled out in a wing chair. The shop of J. Graham, Antiques, was having a gratifying, if inconvenient, rush of customers. Emma, her brown hair rumpled and a harassed look on her face, was trying to attend to them.
" I said eleven o'clock, didn't I? " Jeff was bellowing. " Do you suppose I want to catch cold either? Damn it, I said I'd be there at eleven and I'll wait for you. Oh, all right, all right."
The telephone banged down and there was a great scuffling of paper and jerking of drawers in the little office as Jeff prepared to leave.
" Your uncle," he remarked to Hank in a voice that paid no hushed tribute to wealth or position, " is a fussy old fool."
" Shall I deliver the message?" Hank asked, blandly extending his long legs well into the aisle between the rows of furniture.
A grin broke through the clouds of annoyance on Jeff's face.
" Don't bother," he said. " I'll probably do it myself. Chap'11 drive me crazy." Then his voice rose again. "Come herel "
Emma abandoned a woman who wanted a pair of Hessian andirons and came running.


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