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ECR Lorac Books Wanted

Sell Books - Highest Prices Paid

We are always keen to buy UK editions of crime fiction, mystery and detective fiction titles
We buy anything from single books to large collections - further specific details for this author below
or for more information about other books bought books wanted

Specific Titles Sought
The Murder on the Burrows
The Affair at Thor's Head
The Greenwell Mystery
Death on the Oxford Road
The Case of Colonel Marchand
Murder in St John's Wood
Murder in Chelsea
The Organ Speaks
Death of an Author
Crime Counter Crime
Post After Post-Mortem
A Pall for a Painter
Bats in the Belfry
These Names Make Clues
The Devil and the CID
Slippery Staircase
John Brown's Body
Black Beadle
Death at Dyke's Corner
Tryst for a Tragedy
Case in the Clinic
Rope's End Rogue's End
The Sixteenth Stair
Death Came Softly
Checkmate to Murder

Specific Details - Collectable Books
We are looking to buy UK hardback editions, sadly not US editions, sorry.
Generally speaking first editions in dustwrapper.
Pre 1940 copies without wrapper also considered
We do also buy early ECR Lorac reprints in dust jacket

General Details
We would also like to purchase later books in jacket
Once again UK 1st editions, in nice condition

Reading Copies
We also buy reading copies, i.e. reprints and paperbacks
These need to be in volume though
Sadly single books are not viable due to postal costs

Prices Paid
We are paying the highest prices for books we seek
Certainly more than can be obtained normally or by selling at auction
If you have anything you would like to sell, please do
contact us
Stating the price you seek makes thing very much quicker
We regularly pay more than quoted - so rest assured
We can, of course, quote if you have no idea of value

Books for Sale
Our current online stock can be seen here ECR Lorac
For further in formation on this author see our
ECR Lorac Bibliography

Books Wanted by Other Authors
We are also actively seeking books by the following authors, amongst others

We respond promptly to all emails, if you do not get a reply please resend as we did not receive it
Please do not send scans on initial contact - many thanks
Thanks for visiting us and also for considering us should you quote anything

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