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ECR Lorac

Bibliography & History

Bibliography - Checklist
Crime - Mystery Books
The Murder on the Burrows 1931
The Affair at Thor's Head 1932
The Greenwell Mystery 1932
Death on the Oxford Road 1933
The Case of Colonel Marchand 1933
Murder in St John's Wood 1934
Murder in Chelsea 1934
The Organ Speaks 1935
Death of an Author 1935
Crime Counter Crime 1936
Post After Post-Mortem 1936
A Pall for a Painter 1936
Bats in the Belfry 1937
These Names Make Clues 1937
The Devil sand the CID 1938
Slippery Staircase 1938
John Brown's Body 1938
Black Beadle 1939
Death at Dyke's Corner 1940
Tryst for a Tragedy 1940
Case in the Clinic 1941
Rope's End Rogue's End 1942
The Sixteenth Stair 1942
Death Came Softly 1943
Checkmate to Murder 1944
Fell Murder 1944
Murder By Matchlight 1945
Fire in the Thatch 1946
The Theft of Iron Dogs 1946
Relative to Poison 1947
Death Before Dinner 1948
Part for a Poisoner 1948
Still Waters 1949
Policemen in the Precint 1949
Accident by Design 1950
Murder of a Martinet 1951
The Dog it was that Died 1952
Murder in the Millrace 1952
Crook O Lune 1953
Shroud of Darkness 1954
Let Well Alone 1954
Ask A Policeman 1955
Murder in Vienna 1956
Picture of Death 1957
Dangerous Domicile 1957
Death in Triplicate 1958
Murder on the Monument 1958
Dishonour Amongst Thieves 1959
All dates and tiles are for the UK first edition

Further Information
ECR Lorac is the pseudonym of Edith Caroline Rivett who wrote forty-eight books plus another twenty-three under her other name Carol Carnac. Her main series characters were Chief Inspector Robert Macdonald and his assistant Detective Inspector reeves. All the books were first published in the UK and there are a few alternative titles for later books in the US. Lorac's books are consistently well plotted and thought out which has in part lead to her enduring appeal to collectors and readers.

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