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Dorothy L Sayers

Bibliography & History

Bibliography - Checklist
Crime - Mystery Books
Whose Body ? 1923
Clouds of Witness 1926
Unnatural Death 1927
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club 1928
The Documents in the Case 1930
Strong Poison 1930
The Five Red Herrings 1931
Have his Carcase 1932
Murder Must Advertise 1933
The Nine Tailors 1934
Gaudy Night 1935
Busman's Honeymoon 1937

Dorothy Sayers - Short Story Collections
Lord Peter Views the Body 1928
Hangman's Holiday 1933
In the Teeth of the Evidence 1939
Lord Peter 1972
Striding Folly 1972

With Members of the Detection Club
The Floating Admiral 1931
Ask a Policeman 1933
Double Death 1939
The Scoop 1983
No Flowers by Request 1984
All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
Dorothy Sayers is , quite rightly, regarded as one of the greatest detective fiction authors of all time. Her main series characters is one of the most famous ever created, Lord Peter Wimsey, who appears in eleven novels and twenty-one short stories. Another character, Harriet Vane, a mystery writer, appears in four novels and eventually goes on the marry Lord Peter. Montague Egg is the detective in eleven stories and one novel. Generally the UK editions precede and there are three alternate US titles .

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