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David Dodge

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Bullets for the Bridegroom - David Dodge
1955 United Kingdom Penguin paperback later edition, published in London
A particularly tidy, clean and bright copy
The book is tightly bound with no names etc

G-Men, baby faced blonedes, night clubs and a honeymoon - what more could you want ?
A much nicer copy than usual

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The Long Escape - David Dodge
1954 British Penguin softcover 1st edition, published by Penguin in London
A solidly bound reading copy
Some general rubbing and wear - light edge tan, sticker neatly removed from front cover
Neat previous owner name to first page
A private investigator looks into the disapearance of a family man, interestingly the missing man is called Robert B Parker !
An acceptable readers copy

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Shear the Black Sheep - David Dodge
1950 UK hardback Thriller Book Club edition, published in London
A VG book in dust jacket
The book is tight and solid
The wrapper is clean and tidy, bit of light edge wear, looks nice in its removable film cover

MR. JOHN J. CLAYTON WANTED WHIT TO CALL AT HIS OFFICE TO discuss a business matter. Whit didn't know Mr. John J. Clayton from Joe Doakes, and he would rather not have had to discuss anything the Saturday morning following a strenuous Christmas holiday, but Mr. Clayton sounded like someone who was used to having his way and he made it clear over the telephone that he wanted to see Whit that morning and not next week. He didn't say what his business was, but Whit knew from experience that people who talked like John J. Clayton had money, and people who had money were Whit's meat because they always had income tax troubles. Whit was a good tax man

A nice clean period copy

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David Dodge ~ Brief Biography
David Dodge took a job as a public accountant in 1935 because, in his own words, 'public accounting seemed preferable to death by starvation in the days of the Great Depression'. The job lasted seven years, during which he specialized as an income tax consultant - and as such gathered the material which formed the basis of his first two thrillers Death and Taxes and Shear the Black Sheep. During the war he was commissioned in the U.S. Naval Reserve, and on his release from active duty in 1945 he set out with his wife and child to see the world. Since then he has successfully combined travel with writing to produce four travel books as well as a series of thrillers, of which Bullets for the Bridegroom, The Long Escope, To Catch a Thief, and Plunder of the Sun are in Penguins. He says that the nice thing about travel as an avocation is that it not only gives him material for travel books but also interesting backgrounds for murder mysteries, all of which pay for further travel to provide material for further books which in turn finance more travel. His books have appeared in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish.

Sample from Bullets for the Bridegroom
THERE were four men in a dark little room. One of them had been shot several times in the chest and was about to die. The room was bare except for a rickety table, a couple of chairs to match, and a number of heavy packing cases. The dying man lay sprawled on his back across a couple of the packing cases, and blood bubbled in the back of his throat as he breathed. The other men stood by silently, waiting, The smallest of the three men who watched the unconscious body on the packing cases had a face like a weasel. One of the others was stocky, heavy-set and middle-aged, with greying hair and very pale blue eyes. The third was younger, of average height, average weight, average colouring, average looks. He and the heavy-set man could have been a couple of plumbers or a pair of mechanics from the nearest garage. Both wore overalls, and their hands were grimy with grease and dirt. The dying man, except for the blood that soaked his shirt and coloured the saliva at the corner of his mouth, was just another chubby man with a bald spot. His clothes were more expensive than most, but that was all that distinguished him, although he had more stamina than most chubby men with bald spots. He was dying hard.


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