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Charlotte Armstrong

Bibliography & Information

Bibliography - Checklist
Crime - Mystery Books
Lay on Mac Duff 1943
The Case of the Weird Sisters 1943
Death Filled the Glass 1945
The Unsuspected 1947
The Chocolate Cobweb 1952
Mischief 1951
The Black Eyed Stranger 1952
Catch as Catch Can 1953
The Trouble in Thor 1953
The Better to Eat You 1954
The Dream Walker 1955
A Dram of Poison 1956
The Seventeen Widows of San Succi 1959
Duo the Girl with a Secret 1960
A Little Less than Kind 1964
The Witch's House 1964
The Turret Room 1965
Dream of Fair Women 1966
The Gift Shop 1967
Lemon in the Basket 1968
The Ballroom Man 1968
Seven Seats to the Moon 1969
The Protege 1970
All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
Charlotte Armstrong, who also wrote as Jo Valentine, was an American author who did not lean on a singular character. The character of MacDougal Duff did appear in the first three books though. Her work was published in the USA first and several UK titles are out of sequence, some with alternate titles. Charlotte Armstrong also had several books published by Ace in the US that were not published in the UK. still read and collected today she was the recipient of the Edgar Allan Poe Award and died in 1969.

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