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Cecil Jenkins

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Message from Sirius - Cecil Jenkins
1961 UK hardcover first edition, 1st impression, Collins Crime Club, London
A VG indeed book unfortunately missing its dustwrapper
No inscriptions or stamps etc
Tight and square with clean contents and boards
The book was part of a competition run by the publishers to find the best book to be written by a University lecturer
A tidy solid reading copy
For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (approx $SOLD) - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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Moore, of Globe, was going to Bayre's private birthday party at the New Elizabethan. He was early. He was uninvited. He sat in the Tube, registering the advertisements on the tunnel wall as the train swept out of Covent Garden station: Drink Whitbread's Ale, Top People Take The Times, Someone Isn't Using Amplex. ... In. five years' time, when he was fifty-five, he would start using Amplex. What was Amplex? Leicester Square: a few got on, a few off. A man sat down opposite him: city dress, folded umbrella, folded Times. Why did they never seem actually to be reading their Times'? Mystery. Was the one folded copy carried around day after day until it got so grubby that they had to buy a new one ? In ten years' time, when he was sixty, he would market a plastic, for ever folded, lifelike Times. Durable, washable, hygienic, just like the real thing, Top Man For One And Sixpence, from all reputable umbrella-shops—the timeless Times. There would be the copyright problem of course . . . No, it would never work, these things never did and, anyway, he'd better stop eating sour grapes.

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