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Carter Dickson

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Crime - Mystery Books
The Plague Court Murders 1935
The White Priory Murders 1935
The Red Widow Murders 1935
The Unicorn Murders 1936
The Magic Lantern Murders 1936
The Ten Teacups 1937
The Third Bullet 1937
The Judas Window 1938
Death in Five Boxes 1938
Drop to his Death 1939
The Reader is Warned 1939
The Department of Queer Complaints 1940
And So to Murder 1941
Murder in the Submarine Zone 1940
Seeing is Believing 1942
The Gilded Man 1942
She Died a Lady 1943
He Wouldn't Kill Patience 1944
Lord of the Sorcerers 1946
My Late Wives 1947
The Skeleton in the Clock 1949
A Graveyard to Let 1950
Night at the Mocking Widow 1951
Behind the Crimson Blind 1952
The Cavalier's Cup 1954
Fear is the Same 1956
All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
Carter Dickson, a pseudonym of John Dickson Carr, wrote 25 novels one of which was jointly written with John Rhode. His main series character was Sir Henry Merrivale, nicknamed Mycroft but usually referred to as HM. As under his own name most of the mysteries are of the impossible crime or locked room genre although there is often a stronger comic element compared to the titles under JD Carr. Titles of particular merit include The Magic Lantern Murders, The Judas Window and The Department of Queer Complaints amongst others.

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