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Carol O'Connell

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Shell Game - Carol O Connell
2000 UK hardcover first edition, 1st Impression, Hutchinson London
A near fine unread book in near fine unclipped dust jacket
No names, inscriptions or stamps, clean and tight
The dustwrapper shows no loss or tears, clean and bright
A mystery with a magic background. A retired man has spent years working out the solution to something called the Lost Illusion. When he comes to perform it finally on stage it results in his death ! Quality writing from a recommended modern mystery writer
A lovely copy
For Sale at 10 (approx $20) *DF4 - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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Though Rabbi David Kaplan cut a figure of lean elegance, he didn't look the part of a gambler, not by his turtleneck sweater or the loaf of bread in his hand. The close-trimmed beard made him too distinguished, and the sweet tranquility in his eyes belied the fact that he could hold his own in a round of cut-throat poker. In his first act as a good host, the rabbi had confiscated Charles Butler's necktie, arguing that a man could not concentrate on his game if he did not breathe properly. The tie was hung on the coatrack alongside Mallory's bolstered revolver. How odd to see that deadly thing in David Kaplan's house. At the end of the foyer, Charles glanced into the living room. Its sole occupant was an elderly stranger in a black suit, who had been allowed to keep his necktie. A gray topcoat was folded on the visitor's lap, and a homburg hung on the hook of one gnarled finger. As the old man rose from the couch, his sad eyes focussed on Charles, and he was clearly disappointed, obviously expecting someone else. Slight and frail, he seemed to hover over the carpet, delicate as a dry dead leaf that had not quite settled to ground. His face had the ashen cast of illness, and his eyes were the color of dust. 'That's Mr Halpern,' said the rabbi, 'He wants a few words with your friend when he arrives. It's very important to him. I hope you don't mind?'


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