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Carol Anne Davis

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Shrouded - SIGNED - Carol Anne Davis
1997 UK Paperback Original first edition, first impression. Do NOt Press Blood Lines in London
A VG+ book in softcover wraps as issued
Signed on the title page by the author
No other names or stamps etc
Shows signs of being read but no real damage
Douglas likes women — quiet women; the kind he deals with at the mortuary where he works. Douglas meets Marjorie, unemployed, gaining weight and losing confidence. She talks and laughs a lot to cover up her shyness, but what Douglas really needs is a lover who'll stay still— deadly still. Driven by lust and fear, Douglas finds a way to make girls remain excitingly silent and inert..
A signed 1st of the authors 1st book !

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The boy awoke - was wakened. Shadows slipped and slithered round the room. Down below, he heard the settee squeaking. Each creak broke the stillness - a rhythmic groan. His little church-shaped clock read ten thirty. Which meant they hadn't gone to bed after all. Now he could watch Fear on Friday with them. The other kids at school got to see it every week. Tate's not got a telly!' three of the tougher boys had started to chorus most days. But he did, he did. Only sometimes Paul said that a programme was bad for you, or dangerous. That you shouldn't watch TV when eating, or on Sundays at all. So he'd read instead, running his torch along the lines of print as he huddled beneath the covers. Sometimes he told one of the quieter boys about the adventure stories he'd read. Even then, when his classmates discussed Friday's werewolves and vampires, he couldn't compete. Unless... Slowly, slowly he slid one foot out of bed, wincing at the coolness. Stretched it out, out, past his slippers to the floorboard nearest the chest of drawers. This was the friendly floorboard, the silent one. The one that would never tell. If Paul heard him in his room or on the stairs, he'd hit him and even kick him if his mum wasn't looking, then send him back to bed.


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