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C Daly King

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Careless Corpse - C Daly King
1937 UK hardback first edition, first impression, published by Collins Crime Club in London
A solid book, no names or stamps etc, sadly without dust jacket
The book is still tight and square, minor marks to boards and tan to spine
Wear to spine ends and front board spine edge, off-setting tan to endpapers

Whilst the book shows signs of age it's still solid and more than reflected in the price . . .
A very rare book indeed, the only copy I've handled in fact

For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (approx $SOLD) *sh - free delivery worldwide !

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Obelists at Sea - C Daly King
1938 British Penguin paperback 1st edition, published by Penguin in London
A solidly bound copy, lean to spine
Some general rubbing and wear - light edge tan, crease to rear cover
Neat previous owner name to first page and cover
A murder mystery set on board a luxurious North Atlantic liner headed to Cherbourg from New York!
The author's scarce first book (even in Penguin), a hardcover first being virtually unobtainable

For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (approx $SOLD) - free delivery worldwide !

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Obelists Fly High - C Daly King
1935 UK hardback first edition, first impression, published by Collins Crime Club in London
A VG book sadly without original dust jacket
The book is tight and square, no stamps. Clean and tidy, minor marks to spine
The dust jacket is A REPRODUCTION and a free gift, not factored into the price of the book
This is the dire threat received on a piece of cheap ruled paper by Dr. Cutter, famous American surgeon. He takes it at once to the Commissioner of Police and asks for protection. The story develops into a truly amazing mystery, a large part of the action taking place on board a transcontinental airplane.
A very rare book indeed, highly sought after and looks great on the shelf with the facsimile jacket

For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (approx $SOLD) - free delivery worldwide !

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C Daly King ~ Brief Biography
ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Taken from a Collins Crime Club Dust Jacket
C DALY KING is NOT A professional detective-story writer. He is an American whose real interest is scientific research and whose occupation is largely lecturing on psychology. A comparatively young man (he is still in his thirties), his scientific works include Beyond Behaviourism, Integrative Psychology, The Psychology of Consciousness, etc. It is thus peculiarly interesting to see what a first-class brain, trained on scientific lines, can do with the too-often conventional detective story.

His first detective story, Obelists at Sea, was acclaimed by the critics as " the most unusual " and " the most intelligent " that had been seen for a long time. With Obelists en Route, the Crime Club selection for February a year ago, he followed up his initial triumph and proved his right to be, in the words of the Sunday Referee, numbered among the masters of detective fiction." Obelists Fly High will set the seal on his reputation. It is by far his best book. Mr. Daly King's detective stories are the intelligent man's thrillers.

Sample from Obelists Fly High
 The junior pilot stepped down into the cabin from the cockpit. He came the length of the cabin and opened the locker door on the starboard side ; when he returned he carried a shallow cardboard box. After an hour's flight the noise of the motors had already become accustomed, and everyone heard his raised voice without difficulty.
" We are in the cross-currents over the Allegheny Mountains. It will be a little rough for half an hour or less. By that time we shall have come into smooth air again, but in the meantime I will pass these aromatic buds around for any of you who may feel uncomfortable."
He came slowly down the aisle, pausing to instruct the partakers in the use of the little bulbs whose acquaintance Lord had made the previous morning. Most of the passengers partook, for the peculiar motion that a 'plane gains when flying through disturbed air was becoming noticeable.


" The most original tale we have seen for a long time; totally out of the common."—Spectator
"A detective story with a difference."—Time and Tide
"The most intelligent thriller published for a long time." —Referee
*' A highly ingenious, entertaining and unusual tale." —ROGER PIPPETT in the Daily Herald
" Mr. Daly King is the Aldous Huxley of the detective story." —C. E. BECHHOFER ROBERTS
'* Mr. King has made an important contribution to the development of the mystery novel."
—DOROTHY L. SAYERS in the Sunday Times


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