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Barry Maitland

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The Marx Sisters - Barry Maitland
1994 UK hardback first edition, first impression, Hamilton, London
A near fine book in near fine unclipped dust wrapper
No names inscriptions or stamps etc
Authors first novel and the Debut of Inspector Brock and Kathy Kolla

A nice tidy copy
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The Malcontenta - Barry Maitland
1995 UK hardcover first edition, 1st impression, Hamish Hamilton, London
A fine book in fine unclipped dust jacket
No names inscriptions or stamps etc
The wrapper has no loss or tears
A mystery featuring Detective Sergeant Kathy Kolla and Detective Chief Inspector Brock

A lovely as new copy
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There were neither patients nor receptionist in the waiting room of Dr Botev's surgery. As the jarring note of the door buzzer died away, a dusty silence settled back over the room. Under the glare of a bare fluorescent ceiling light, public health posters about smoking, osteoporosis and safe sex curled on the walls where they had been roughly pinned, and a small pile of tattered and outdated magazines spilled across a low table surrounded by six chairs, each of a different height and design. After a moment there was a noise from the other side of a glass-panelled connecting door, and the doctor appeared, nodded briefly and waved them through into the next room. He presented an unlikely appearance for the family physician. Short, thick-set and muscular, he squinted at them through bottle-bottom glasses. He was swarthy in complexion, and his grey hair was cropped to short bristle not much longer than the grey stubble on his chin. Over a khaki shirt and a tartan tie he wore a brown, short-sleeved sweater with several large holes. 'Well,' he barked, 'what does the police doctor have to say?' His voice was pitched unexpectedly high. 'We don't know yet, doctor,' Kathy answered. 'Could you just go over again for the benefit of the Chief Inspector here what your assessment was yesterday, and in particular why you were so convinced Mrs Winterbottom hadn't died naturally?'


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