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Anthony Berkeley

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Crime - Mystery Books
The Layton Court Mystery 1925
The Wychford Poisoning Case 1926
Roger Sherringham and the Vane Mystery 1927
The Silk Stockings Murders 1928
The poisoned Chocolates Case 1929
The Piccadilly Murder 1929
The Second Shot 1930
Top storey Murder 1931
Murder in the Basement 1932
Jumping Jenny 1933
Panic Party 1934
Trial and Error 1937
Not to be Taken 1938
Death in the House 1939

As Francis Iles
Malice Aforethought 1931
Before the Fact 1932
As for the Women 1939

As A Monmouth Platts
Cicely Disappears 1927

As AB Cox
Mr Priestly's Problem 1927

With members of the Detection Club
The Floating Admiral 1931
Ask a Policeman 1933
The Scoop 1983
All dates & titles refer to the UK first edition

Further Information
Anthony Berkeley is one of the leading Golden Age authors, writing under several names he produced some outstanding and influential novels, perhaps the most famous being  The Poisoned Chocolates Case and Malice Aforethought. Anthony Berkeley had two main series characters, both amateur sleuths, Roger Sherringham  and Ambrose Chitterwick. The Layton Court Mystery is famous for being published anonymously by Herbert Jenkins in 1925. UK publications precede those in the US with some variant titles, Cicely Disappears was not published stateside.

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