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Andrea Badenoch

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Mortal - Andrea Badenoch
1998 UK hardback first edition, 1st impression, Macmillan, London
A fine unread book in fine unclipped dustwrapper
No names or inscriptions etc
The authors acclaimed 1st novel, highly recommended
A superb as new copy
For Sale at £SOLD - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (approx $SOLD) - Delivery Information ~ Free & Subsidised ~ Please Check

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It was 10.30 when I got home. My clothes felt wet and uncomfortable so I threw them off and turned on the shower. I washed away the London grime with strong carbolic soap then wrapped myself in a dressing gown. I towelled my hair and combed it back. Food seemed impossible but I opened a can of cider. I turned the heating on to maximum and the boiler roared. The living room was a mess but I cleared an armchair and sat down. After a while I played the video I'd taken from Camilla's room. It was what I expected - a series of TV commercials she'd made two years before. She always called them the Stinkers because they were designed to sell deodorant. In one, she was shown walking around the Barbican in a smart suit, holding a briefcase. In another, she was arriving at the opera, unaccompanied, in a low-cut evening dress. The message was supposed to be about an independent, successful woman managing without men. The men were there, of course, looking at her longingly, from the edges of the frames. I watched the video, over and over again. Seeing Camilla gave me pleasure, as well as pain. I looked at her long hair and legs, the way she shrugged her shoulders, her wonderful relaxed walk.


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